Alternative Building Methods

Alternative building is not like the traditional building methods. Normally, even a beginner with no experience in building can construct a building using the alternative building methods. Alternative Buildings are normally constructed out of whatever materials are on hand. For instance if you have woods, then wood would normally be your choice of building materials, … Read more

How to Recycle Aluminum Foil

Some sources say that you can’t recycle aluminum foil because of the food that might be attached to it. Others say you can. It really depends on two factors. One, does your local recycling program accept aluminum foil? Two, are you willing to spend a few extra minutes cleaning your foil so it can be … Read more

Quick and Easy Tips to Go Green at the Office

I often feel guilty that I do not do enough to help the environment. I am not great with things at home, but I know that when I have worked in offices, they have been much worse. Even the temporary census office in which I worked was terrible. Turn Off Lights When I worked for … Read more

How to Make Homemade Sandalwood Deodorant

My interest in making my own deodorant stems from reading, some years back, that most commercial deodorant has an aluminum compound that has been tied to higher rates of cancer, particularly breast cancer. This aluminum molecule is so small that it fits through the human pores and enters the bloodstream. Also, some deodorants are harsh … Read more

Simple DIY Gasoline to LP Conversion

Use at your own risk LP can be dangerous. This conversion works with 4 stroke engines that are designed to be operated at a set rpm like a lawnmower, log splitter or a pump. It would not work on a 2 stroke engine or something like a car where the rpm’s are constantly changing. It’s … Read more

Advantages of Nuclear Energy

What is Nuclear Energy? Nuclear energy is energy released from the nucleus of an atom as a result of nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, and radioactive decay. The amount of energy produced by a given quantity of uranium is about 2,500,000 times greater than the amount of energy produced from an equal amount of carbon. Nuclear … Read more

How to Buy a Used Pressure Cooker

Buying a used pressure cooker is a good idea if you want to save money, serve really good meals, and or can foods for eating later. Used pressure cookers can often be found at garage sales, thrift stores, online, and at second hand stores. If you plan to purchase a used pressure cooker know what … Read more

How Induction Cooking Works

Gong green in the kitchen begins with making intelligent choices about energy use. It’s a great start to use eco friendly lighting, but installing an eco-friendly stove will go even farther towards reducing your carbon footprint. For this reason, many people choose induction cooktops. Understanding this energy efficient stove begins with learning how induction cooking … Read more

Harveys Seatbelt Bags: Treecycle Collection

The Treecycle collection is a Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags staple. The collection has been around for years and is getting recognition for its creative way of using reclaimed seatbelts to form bags, laptop cases, wallets and coin purses. They have been featured in many magazines, and several news segments as well. These bags are definitely something … Read more