Famous Birthdays: Born on July 4th

What do cabbage patch dolls, your own self and your favorite bottle of beer have in common? Hmm…if you said “They all have a born-on date!” then your own self would also be correct! If you were born on July 4th of any year then follow along as we look at who shares your birthday … Read more

History of Norwich State Hospital

Experts in the psychological field would never have predicted we would medicate people rather than have them in controlled environments. The Norwich State Hospital opened its doors in 1904 to the insane with ninety-five patients in one building on over 100 acres. One of the hospital’s first superintendents believed that mechanical restraint of patients was … Read more

Vanished! History’s Famous Disappearances

D. B. Cooper On November 24, 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper purchased a one-way ticket on Northwest Airlines Flight 305 from Portland to Seattle. News services would later mistakenly publish reports with the name D. B. Cooper (a preliminary suspect who was quickly eliminated by police) and the moniker stuck. Shortly after takeoff, … Read more

War, Aggression and Human Nature

Is war mankind’s answer to survival, progress, or the pursuit of power? In primitive societies, war was accepted as the norm. Members of the society were aware that they were under a constant threat. War and warlike acts were a part of the understood interaction with other societies and cultures. Peace was merely an interlude … Read more

The Evil of Soule’s Chapel

Somerset Kentucky is one of those places that you very seldom think would have a dark side to it. Of course all the residents of the area try to dissuade visitors from thinking negative thoughts thinking it will hurt the booming tourism trade that helps bring the town to life. But there is a dark … Read more

Social Programs of the Great Depression in Arkansas

The stock market crash on October 29, 1929 signaled the beginning of very hard times for most Americans. As the effects of this banking collapse that followed spread across the country, reaching rural areas like Arkansas more slowly, a number of bad things came along with it. These included a sharp and continued increase in … Read more

The Civil War… Inevitable?

“From the time of Martin Van Buren through James Buchanan, men seeking the presidency had carefully avoided taking strong stands on the slave issue” [1] and had instead left matters in the hands of passionate, gifted policy makers such as Henry Clay, John Calhoun, and Daniel Webster. However, by the time Abraham Lincoln appeared on … Read more

King Louis XIV

The Age of Absolutism is one of the most well known periods in Europe’s history. One of the most interesting, and well known examples of an absolutist ruler is France’s King Louis XIV. He is still known as the longest reigning monarch in Europe’s history and helped lead France through an age of prosperity and … Read more

Ancient Greek and Persian Identity

The city-states of Greece and the Persian Empire were the same politically in that they both wanted to be the greatest in the world. They were different in that Persia had one Emperor and an aristocracy ruling over all of the Persian Empire, while each city-state of Greece was independently maintained. Greece and Persia were … Read more