Why Do Birds Have Such Strange Names?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why some birds have strange names? Some bird names like the Blackbird I can understand being called that, because if you look, it’s a Black Bird. Pretty simple isn’t it. Take the Cuckoo. This makes the sound “cook-who” and therefore it’s also a pretty logical name. Likewise, the Whippoorwill … Read more

Dumb and Funny Laws of Michigan

First, I would like to apologize to my readers. I am sorry for not being active about the rest of this series. Unfortunately my computer crashed and I had to recover it. Though I lost all my pictures, music, and the other articles that I had been working on as well as personal settings. On … Read more

Sissy Husband Gets Caught Shoplifting

I returned home from my vacation to hear the story my sissy husband had to tell me. While I was away on vacation, it seems he was involved in an embarrassing situation at a plus sized woman’s store at the nearby mall. My sissy husband was shopping at the Ashley Stewart store, looking at thongs … Read more

Weird Holidays to Celebrate in July

We all know that July 4th is Independence Day, but many people are unaware that each day of the week in July, there is a holiday that they most likely do not know about. From the 1st to the 31st, there is a holiday, and here is a list of the holidays that are not … Read more

Funny Brunette Jokes for Adult Folks

Whereas blondes are characterized as dumb and redheads as fiery, brunettes, the Plain Jane sisterhood, are often thought of as the ordinary. They get, therefore, less attention in the humor universe. Still, jokes abound for those who seek them out. Here is a selection of such brunette jokes from my 30 year collection of humor. … Read more

April Fools Day Computer Pranks

April Fools Day pranks have long been a tradition for adults and kids alike. Some April Fools Day pranks are as simple and harmless as mentioning a nonexistent stain on a shirt all the way up to elaborate devious pranks that border on cruel and unusual. A popular television show that sets up complex pranks … Read more

Funny Jokes for Nurses

I’ve been collecting jokes and humor for thirty five years. Here’s a collection of funny nurse jokes I’d like to share. Why did the nurse keep the bedpan in the refrigerator? Because when she kept it in the freezer it took too much skin off. On a busy Med/Surg floor the doctor stops the nurse … Read more

The Origins of Chapstick

Millions of people around the world suffer from chapped lips, and Chapstick is what many use to lubricate their lips, to soften and moisturize the skin, and to prevent the painful cracking that accompanies dry lips. But did you know the history of Chapstick and where the product Chapstick came from? I didn’t either, until … Read more

How to Create Your Own Nickname

Have you always wanted a catchy, noticeable yet unique nickname that would suit you and only you? Well, here are a few tips to helping you achieve the perfect nickname. To start off with, pick a theme you want your nickname to be about. For instance, if you like astronomy, then your name could possibly … Read more