Amusing Outdated Georgia Laws

Every state has its fair share of hilarious and bizarre laws of yesterday. While these laws are still technically in effect, most are no longer enforced. These various state and local laws make one wonder, just what kind of crazy and superstitious folks were given authority in United States History? Georgia State Laws It is … Read more

How to Visit a Prison Inmate for the First Time: Guide to Your First Visitor Experience at a Jail or Prison

If you aren’t familiar with the prison system, or if you’ve never known anyone in prison before, visiting an inmate for the first time can be scary. You probably don’t know what to expect, or how to handle yourself, and although the officers in charge of overseeing visitation may be of some help, they can … Read more

Complicated Financial Issues in a Trustee Account

My husband, on occasion, can have a bit of salt in his exclamations about life’s many frustrations. That doesn’t bother me overmuch. It’s when he says, “Oh, darn” that I get worried. Usually something drastic has happened. That exclamation was recently uttered, and it was about our elder and her finances. Somehow, and we didn’t … Read more

Mediation, Arbitration & Litigation: The Differences

Nearly everyone has considered litigation at one point or another in their lives. The offended party seeks the counsel of an attorney and files a lawsuit in court, which requires the defendant to hire an attorney of their own to defend the lawsuit. Litigation is conducted in a courtroom, and can be a very lengthy, … Read more

The Causes of White Collar Crime

There are several causes for why people commit white collar crimes. Societal causes include material possessions, money, power, and privilege. Institutional causes actually provide the means and opportunity for a person to commit financial crimes. Organizational causes include both occupational and corporate crimes. What I am trying to say is that the real cause of … Read more

Campbell County School District

Our district serves about 8,300 students in 20 schools. The district covers 5,000 square miles of northeast Wyoming which makes for large spaces between our schools. Our schools are all interested in technology and most have their own homepage. Enrollment Enrollment has increased over the past four years and is currently near 8,300 students. Campbell … Read more

Think Before Choosing Your Email Address

When choosing an e-mail address, many people use personal nicknames or some part of their real names. As common as this process is, certain nicknames can lead to cases of mistaken identity. This is especially true when you’re using your email address to contact prospective employers. There have been cases when e-mail address names have … Read more

The Requirements and Definitions for Organic Foods

If you ask a grocery shopper, a farmer and a lawyer what the word “organic” means, you will likely get three different answers. The grocery shopper might say organic products contain natural ingredients and are better for you. The farmer will probably say organic crops and livestock are raised without artificial compounds. The lawyer will … Read more