Microsoft Access – OUTER JOIN Overview

Note: Due to editor’s requirements, all of the “OUTER JOIN” statements which are customarily written in all caps are going to be spelled in all lower case “outer join” in the this article. Also, table names that have the first letter of a word in the name capitalized will have only 1 letter capitalized. For … Read more

Godspeed, My Friend

I received some unwelcome news a couple of days ago. A friend passed away. Some may think I am taking some liberties by calling Larry a friend, because I did not know him well, I did not see him often, and I had not maintained a close relationship with him. That being said, in my … Read more


It took my sisters and me over 40 years to overcome our sibling rivalry. From jealousy to humiliating comments to just about anything that could be construed as not conducive to nurturing a healthy relationship, we engaged in every emotional battle imaginable until we agreed – finally – to call a truce. And with that … Read more

Growing Up with Audie Murphy

Looking back with warm-hearted memories of a time when I was growing up at our home in Sherman Oaks, California, I cannot help but think of all the wonderful times my family and I shared with the Murphy family. Uncle Audie and my folks had a lot in common. My father and mother, who were … Read more

Planting Lettuces, as Told by a Toddler

I’m the mother of an extremely eccentric toddler, who will be three in two months. Today, while we were working in my garden, she began narrating our activities as she were recalling them in a memoir. At the request of a friend, and my daughter herself, I decided to publish my daughter’s memoir of our … Read more

Not Quite Fireworks Over the Hudson

Quite a bit of my summer months as a child were spent with my relatives in New York. My Mom worked in a college cafeteria and my sister in law at the time was a school teacher. With both of them having the summer months off and all three of us living in rather rural … Read more