Best Animated Movies of All Time (Box Office Sales)

This article ranks the best animated movies of all-time based on inflation-adjusted domestic gross box office sales, according to Boxoffice, the official publication of the National Association of Theatre Owners. The ten biggest animated box office hits of all-time have collectively earned more than $5 billion and four Academy Awards. Nine of these films are … Read more

2008 Oscar Nominees Announced

2008 Oscar Nominees announced: The much anticipated 2008 Oscar Nominations have been announced, and it is no surprise to most that “Atonement” and “Michael Clayton” are among those nominated for the Best Picture. With a total of 5 nominations, it is a bit surprising that none of the actors or actresses from the film “Atonement” … Read more

First Look: ‘Hop’ Short Movie Review

“Hop” wants to be the next kid’s holiday classic and, for that specific audience, succeeds at its goal. Produced by the studio that created “Despicable Me,” “Hop” continues their emphasis on originality with just the right comedic touch for kids. The movie follows E.B., the son of the Easter Bunny, who runs away from home … Read more

Acting Class Tips – Preparing a Scene for Class Performance

Performing isolated scenes from plays or movies is common in acting classes for school or in private instruction. Throughout my time working as an actor and acting instructor, I’ve learned that selecting a scene for class performance is vital to the growth and development of all actors. After you’ve selected a scene for class performance, … Read more

Critically Acclaimed Movies that Feature Child Abuse Themes

For anyone doing research or looking for stories that examine or discuss child abuse cases, certain movies can provide vital information and situations presenting these issues. Some of these projects encounter controversies due to their sensitive themes. Others make their marks as critically acclaimed and multi-awarded pieces for their touching and compelling storytelling. “The Heart … Read more

New Scenes Shot for Blade Runner Box Set Release

The second half of this year will see the release of the, “Blade Runner” Box Set. The set will not only include never before seen footage. It will also contain newly shot scenes for the 25-year-old movie. Many consider “Blade Runner” to be Ridley Scott’s best work. Joanna Cassidy, who played the Replicant Zhora in … Read more