5 Ways to Volunteer at a Nursing Home

Are you interested in volunteering to help the needy in your home town? Why not volunteer at your local nursing home? Elderly people need companionship, and they are a wealth of history. All you have to do is visit with the nursing home administrator and get permission to volunteer at your local nursing home facility. … Read more

What is a Silent Auction?

People love silent auctions because everyone loves a good deal. I once bid $9 at a silent auction on a brand new folding table (actually worth $35) and my bid was the highest. I’m still using that table and it was certainly a bargain. What makes the event “silent?” A silent auction is one without … Read more

Strange and Funny Canadian Laws

ALL OF CANADA * Thirty per cent of a radio station’s output must be Canadian content. Usually our most talented artists go to the United States. Without that law, our artists would never be heard. *You must not pay for a fifty-cent item with only pennies. Those puppies are heavy, you know. * Citizens may … Read more

Free Money for Your Non-Profit Organization

I already know how skeptical you are feeling right now after reading the title, “Free Money for Your Non-Profit Organization.” I am telling you, though, this website is total legitimate – I’ve been using it since the summer time. So how does it work? Goodsearch.com is nothing more than a search engine that allows you … Read more

Places to Volunteer in Ventura County

People often like the idea of volunteering to help the community, but sometimes people have a hard time finding a good place to volunteer. If you are interested in doing some community service, here are some places in Ventura County that you might consider volunteering: American Cancer Society of Ventura County When you think about … Read more