The Black Cinema Quotes Quiz

Please answer each of the following. The answers are listed below. Give yourself one point for each correct answer. Don’t cheat by looking ahead to the answers. Good luck! 13-15 Correct…Mogul!! 9-12 Correct…Rising Star 5-8 Correct…Small time producer 1-4 Correct…Undiscovered Feel free to post your score in the comment section. 1. “If you want to … Read more

Myths and Stereotypes About Atheists

This will be addressing a host of misconceptions about atheists; as well as explaining aspects that may be accurate. Up until April 2010, atheists were the most distrusted group in America; gaining more condemnation than Muslims. Only recently did the Tea Party loose social footing with the general population. Atheists have little to do with … Read more

‘House’ Season 6 Episode 17 ‘Knight Fall’

‘House’ Season 6 Episode 17 ‘Knight Fall’ begins at what appears to be a Renaissance Festival where everybody is dressed up and is watching a tournament. Sir William, the Queen’s Champion, is about to fight the Black Knight. Spoilers surely follow. It is noted that the King is a little put out by his Queen’s … Read more

Book Review: The Universe Next Door by James W. Sire

Sire explained the basics of worldviews in concise, easy to understand language. This fourth edition, published in 2004 by InterVarsity Press, refines the definition of worldview itself, incorporating Sire’s thinking and teaching over the past three decades. It demonstrates his continued growth and the increasing demand for this vital information. The Universe Next Door has … Read more

2008 NFL Playoff Bracket Predictions

(6) Washington at (3) Seattle The Redskins have played inspired football after Sean Taylor’s tragic death and backup QB Todd Collins has stepped in and done better than anyone expected him to do. But they face a tough task in traveling to Seattle to play a Seahawks team that is playoff-tested and always plays well … Read more

e.e. Cummings’ “In Just”: A Look at the Poet’s Indefinable Style

I personally liked e.e. Cummings’ poetry. Now, to talk about the specific poem that we read in class entitled by the anthologists as “In Just.” The style that Cummings uses should appeal to anyone who doesn’t care about formalities within the structure of poetry, nor does he really focus that on grammar or spacing within … Read more

Top Ten News Stories of 2006

In 2006, the earth could hardly be called a peaceful planet. Wars, conflicts and preparations for more wars and conflicts seemed to monopolize the newspapers and make their way onto this list of “Top Ten News Stories of 2006”. 1. Upheaval In Iraq Perhaps more dominant than any other news story of 2006 is the … Read more