Brianna Mariah Lopez: Broken Angel

Brianna Lopez was just five months old, but in those five months she endured more suffering than most of us will in a lifetime. What her own family did to her is so vile most of us couldn’t imagine it. But the truth is, her story is just one of thousands of unspeakable abuse so … Read more

Guide to Disciplining a Stubborn Toddler

It was once a good thing when someone said your child was “spirited.” Now that your once, angelic baby, has grown into a stubborn toddler, it can take everything you have not to put your face into a pillow and scream. Before you call the birthing center to see if they can take him back, … Read more

Child Friendly Malls of Orlando

Malls are a great place to take your child in Florida. Indoor malls are great for rainy days, hot days, and when Mommy wants to get some shopping done too. There are several malls that are kid friendly in the Orlando Area. The following malls are ranked according to recommendation. 1. Altamonte Mall 451 East … Read more

Top 5 Best Academic Colleges in Philadelphia

Top 5 Academic Colleges in Philadelphia Philadelphia has more colleges than any other US city besides Boston. There are an estimated 42 colleges in the greater Philadelphia area (depending on where you draw the line). Of those 42, these 5 colleges represent the area’s best based simply on academic rigour: Swarthmore College – When a … Read more

Milestones of a One Year Old – Physical and Emotional

There are very many milestones in emotional and physical development of a one year old. Each one year old is different and at a different stage in their life for various reasons. Milestones should not be compared by one mother to the next because all this does is cause doubt. One mothers child may be … Read more