Mom It’s Mother’s Day Poem

Mom it’s Mother’s Day and it’s another year I seem seconds away from graduation We’ve been through so much you and I Through trips to the grocery store for school projects at six A.M. Through wrestling meets and induction ceremonies Through random school fees Through “do as I please” You’ve always been there when I … Read more

The Mexican Hat Dance

The Mexican Hat Dance, which is also called Jarabe Tapatio, has been the national dance of Mexico since 1924. The actual music the accompanies the hat dance was composed in the 1800’s by a professor of music named Jesus Gonzales Rubio and is a medley known as a jarabe. Rubio ran his own private school … Read more

Parody on Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18

Shall I compare thee to a winter’s day? Thou art much colder and tempestuous Like a blizzard in the month of May, Leaving me shocked, frozen and suspicious. I’d rather bear a thousand blazing summers Than a moment under your icicle; You love and leave A patron saint of the fickle. And like an avalanche … Read more

5 O’clock People

5 o’clock people The time is at hand. When the sun shines the brightest. And the day is the hottest. The time when tempers flare. And the blood starts to boil. As the heart and lungs breathe the foulest of air. The time when we can escape the confines of a cubicle. And to esacpe … Read more

A Father’s Day Acrostic Poem

Funny enough to make me laugh Always there for me There is no dad like you Happy all the time Easy to talk to Really smart and kind So cool, I always want to be with you Daring and brave Always loving and affectionate You are awesome and I love you Other poems by Kris … Read more

The Mystic Poet Rumi

Jalāl ad-Dīn Mu ḥ ammad Rūmī was a Persian poet and Sufi Mystic. He shared many gifts through the vehicle of his poetry, including passionate love of the Divine, a deep empathy for the human condition, and a profound ability to use external imagery from the ordinary world to open the heart and elevate consciousness … Read more

My Father’s Day Poem to My Dad

As an infant I watched my father in infinite curiosity, I enjoyed a home my father worked hard to remain in solidarity. As a young boy he introduced me to each kind of ball, And helped me find my most favorite of them all the soccer ball. I never grew weary of his silly old-fashioned … Read more