Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

Pros of the Legalization of Marijuana -Marijuana has many health benefits for people with diseases like cancer, AIDS, and glaucoma. It can help lessen the pain for people with the diseases and for people undergoing chemotherapy. This has led to a strong movement for the legalization of marijuana strictly for medicinal purposes. -Crime rates will … Read more

Habitus (Capital) + Field = Practice

The ideology of Pierre Bourdieu can be summarized into three factors: habitus, field and capital. Among these, capital is said to be the primary factor. It is capital that dictates one’s participation in a field, depending on the form and amount of capital one has. However, the manner in which one makes use of his/her … Read more

Dummies’ Guide to the U.S. Constitution

Preamble The Preamble of the Constitution answers the question “Why?” The reasons for writing the Constitution are as follows: To make a better country Make sure the country is fair and just Make peace inside the country Provide for a defense from outside attacks Promote the well-being of the people Ensure freedom for the people … Read more

’08 Presidential Candidates Talking Tough on Terrorism

President George W. Bush is lampooned for the nation’s involvement in Iraq and regularly portrayed as a loose cannon, willing to wage war any where in the world, even on pre-emptive terms. But listening to the field of candidates to replace him – Republican and Democrat – and their comments on foreign policy and military … Read more

Interventionism Vs. Isolationism

International relations sees two typical approaches taken by countries, interventionist or isolationist. There are some countries that, during a certain time period, are involved in everything and quick to get involved and other countries that are the opposite and wish to only keep to themselves and not be involved. These different methods change between countries … Read more

So Long Limbaugh? Rush’s Ratings Drop Dramatically in Big Markets

COMMENTARY| Rush Limbaugh is known for making controversial comments, but of course that’s probably why he makes the big bucks. In March, when the radio talk show host launched the vicious attack on young female law student, Sandra Fluke, after she had boldly spoken up for women’s rights, calling her a slut and a prostitute, … Read more

On Social Class in the United States

Social class in the United States, it is certainly an undeniable fact of life in America since its beginning. I have chosen to write about this topic, because I feel like I have the most knowledge to write on it. The main sign of Social Class in America today, is the noticeable levels of Stratification … Read more

Presidential Race 2016

It is, perhaps, regrettable that the race for president begins almost before the previous race is over. But, regrettable or not, it is a fact that it does. Long before candidates announce, they are putting together teams of advisers and considering their options. It’s February, 2013. But the race for the White House is on. … Read more

Israel’s Parliamentary Democracy

The country of Israel operates under a parliamentary system of government. In a parliamentary system, if no political party wins a majority of seats in the legislature, then the parties negotiate amongst themselves until some combination of them that cumulatively has enough seats for a majority is able to reach an agreement to come together … Read more