Cheap Apartments in Houston’s Galleria Area

If you love shopping, culture, coffee shops and traffic, then Houston’s Galleria area might be where you want to start looking for your next apartment. Although many apartments in the Galleria area are expensive – upwards of $2,000 per month – you can still find cheap apartments without sacraficing many of the amenities that you … Read more

What is a Warranty Deed?

A warranty deed is used when real estate titles transfer to a new owner. The deed guarantees the title is clean and that there are no creditor judgments or tax liens attached which could interfere with the property transfer. Two types of warranty deeds are used to transfer property and include General Warranty Deed or … Read more

Top Neighborhoods in San Jose, California

San Jose is beautiful city with a dynamic industry, an enjoyable climate and a culturally diverse population. Most neighborhoods in San Jose are expensive but offer the best in terms of schooling, colleges and industry opportunities. Some of the best neighborhoods in San Jose are listed below. Downtown San Jose has cosmopolitan population and many … Read more

How to Find Dallas Foreclosure Listings

Texas has foreclosure laws that allow lenders to foreclose on and sell homes and other real estate when the owner fails to keep up on the agreed-to mortgage payments. This presents a great opportunity to purchase Dallas foreclosures, often at a reduced price compared to the fair market value of a foreclosed home in Dallas. … Read more

How to Buy Los Angeles Foreclosures

California mortgage lenders protect themselves through the process of foreclosure. When a mortgage goes into default because the owner fails to make payments for a certain period of time, the lender may sell the property at a public auction. Prospective buyers of Los Angeles foreclosures must first look for required public foreclosure notices. They can … Read more

Haunted Places in Davenport, Iowa

Growing up in South West Iowa, meant wide open spaces of farm land and boredom, this is where one literally had to make up their own fun. The fun always ended up tracking down where town legend would say was the most haunted. It was then that we all dared to enter the haunted cemetery, … Read more