4 Common Craigslist Scams

Beware of Craigslist Scams that Could Cost You Craigslist is the place where everyone goes to find either stuff, a new job or just plain great opportunities. Unfortunately, because it is one of the largest online sites that caters to that crowd, Craigslist is also where scams come to thrive. We have taken the four … Read more

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

All of us have those special someones on our Christmas list who are especially difficult to buy for. Anyone who has a teenage daughter, niece, granddaughter or friend know just how cumbersome coming up with the perfect gift can be. Instead of wrapping up another sweater, bathrobe or cosmetic bag take a peek at some … Read more

How to Bleach Designs in Your Jeans

There are many reasons people bleach their jeans, but the number one reason is fashion. Bleached jeans can be very expensive, which is senseless if you ask me. $30-plus for a pair of bleached out jeans is a bit expensive when you can take a pair of jeans from your closet and create the same … Read more

Five Tips for Accessorizing and Making the Most of Any Outfit

If you’re looking for ways to make your look even more fabulous, or want to make small changes that will turn your outfit from work-related to evening-ready, here are a few tips that will draw extra (positive) attention to any outfit: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize. Nothing makes an outfit stand out more than the right accessories. … Read more

Gift Ideas for Twilight Fans

Not since Anne Rice’s “Interview With A Vampire” hit book store shelves, has there been such a buzz regarding a literary series about vampires. Making the way to the silver screen in late November 2008, the first installment of Stephenie Meyer’s fascinating vampire saga is already generating quite a bit of excitement. “Twilight” shares the … Read more

Tips for Ordering a Corsage for Prom

Ordering a corsage for his girlfriend to wear at the prom is one of the hardest things a young man has to do to prepare for the dance. He has to go into the florist and for the first time order flowers. The five questions he will be asked… 1) What flowers do you want … Read more