How to Fish for Trout with Worms

One of the most enjoyable ways to catch trout is with worms, and in this article I’m going to outline some tips and tricks that will help you be much more successful when trout fishing with worms. When I refer to the word ‘worms’ that would include live worms, Berkley Power Worms, and Berkley Gulp … Read more

2013 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers: Shortstop (SS)

2013 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers Shortstop (SS) are based on a single season outlook for the 2013 fantasy baseball season. Shortstop (SS) sleepers are established for a standard fantasy baseball scoring system in mixed AL/NL leagues with scoring stats including: Runs, Home Runs, RBI, Stolen Bases, and Batting Average. Shortstop (SS) sleepers are based on players … Read more

Japan’s Top Women’s Tennis Player Ayumi Morita Looks for a Breakout Season in 2013

JAPAN SEARCHES FOR MORE TENNIS STARS Japan typically produces few of the world’s top tennis players, especially on the men’s side. However, the emergence of young standout Kei Nishikori is giving Japanese tennis fans someone to watch. Nishikori, who recently turned 23 years of age, made the quarterfinals of last year’s Australian Open, and currently … Read more

A Brief History of Netball in Australia

Netball has come a long way from it’s early beginnings as basketball in Canada. It has progressed through the years, initially as a gender appropriate sport for women in England during the 1800s, to the globally played, fast paced game that it is today. Whilst still predominantly a womans sport and classed as non-contatct, the … Read more

Roller Derby Girls: Pivot Position

Pivot, blocker and jammer: learn how to spot these roller derby positions, what they mean and specifically what a pivot does Roller derby teams designate a pivot who will line up in the front of the pack. She is identified with a striped helmet cover. A team consists of 5 players: 1 pivot, 3 blockers … Read more

Week 3 NFL Predictions and Picks (2010)

Week 3 NFL predictions and picks come from the Week 3 NFL schedule. Week 3 NFL predictions and picks begin with Cowboys vs. Texans, but ends equally well with a Monday night game of Packers vs. Bears. That Dallas vs. Houston game could be a very interesting battle between the powers of Texas, and it … Read more

MLB Previews: 2009 Boston Red Sox Pitchers

Lefty Jon Lester emerged as an ace-quality starter in his first full MLB season, sitting among the league leaders in ERA (3.21), innings (210.1), home runs allowed (14), and complete game shutouts (2). He struck out well over two batters per walk for the first time in his Major League career and established himself as … Read more

A Review of the NFL Network

The NFL Network was launched in 2003, based on the league’s perception that fans wanted more football coverage than what was provided by ESPN and other sports channels. The channel provides 24 hours of coverage, with thousands of hours of original programming each week. Several cable companies, including Time Warner, Comcast, and Cablevision, have refused … Read more

Jumping Rope to Lose Weight

My family recently watched a “Rocky” marathon, and I was reminded of what a great cardio workout jumping rope can be. Sometimes people get discouraged, thinking that they need a gym membership or lots of fancy equipment to lose weight, but in reality, you can work out and get in better shape lots of different … Read more