Busted: Www.USSearch.Com

In times when many people have closed their wallets tighter than an ants anus, it hurts even more to get scammed for your hard earned money. As I found myself plagued with calls from a strange out of state number, I tried to look up the number online, hoping it would turn up for some … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

It happens to all of us; the moment when you’re browsing the internet or playing a game on your PC and suddenly it becomes slow and unresponsive (and possibly very noisy), or possibly it takes an extremely long time to start-up. If you’re like me and have an old, outdated computer, chances are this is … Read more

Top 10 Online Spy Shops

Normally when we hear a phrase like “spy shop” it brings forth images of underground laboratories, James Bond, and covert black ops equipment. The truth is that this so-called “spy” equipment can have far more practical purposes designed around the everyday person. Nanny cams and other forms of surveillance can be used as forms of … Read more

Ten Best Liberal Political Blogs

Information on the Net is available for all sorts of folks and ways of thinking. If you are inclined to the left of the political spectrum you will find plenty of information on the Net. Blogs and Bloggers are great source of information for liberal politics. Here is a list I have compiled about the … Read more

Ohio’s Capital Punishment: Why it Took 2 Hours for a Man to Die

There are several forms of approved capital punishment that states have to choose from. These capital punishments include lethal injection, electrocution, the gas chamber, hangings, and the firing squad. However, the overwhelming majority of States choose lethal injection as their primary source of capital punishment. Ohio is one of those States that use lethal injection … Read more

Farkle Rolling Strategy

The Facebook Farkle game is based on an ancient game called Farkle. Farkle is a dice game, played by rolling six dice and scoring the result. However, even though the ancient Farkle game has many variants with slightly different rules, the Facebook version matches none of them; it is its own unique variant. The most … Read more

Guide to Buying a Home Amplifier

Before you read my guide to purchasing a home amplifier ask yourself these questions. Are you sick of listening to those crummy old speakers in your T. V.? Does the baby crying three rooms away drown out the T.V.? If so, what you really need is an amplifier. A home theater amplifier and a few … Read more

The History of Musical Media Formats

The Evolution of Music Storage Though many people are aware that the band new 120 Gigabyte iPod they hold in their hands, can hold vastly more music than any Cassette they dreamed of, mostly don’t truly grasp the concept of how far music storage has come. The first music recordings were in the form of … Read more