Top 10 Quotes from “Two and a Half Men”

The CBS comedy “Two and a Half Men” focuses on the antics of a pair of brothers forced by to share a home after a change in marital status. Charlie (Charlie Sheen) is an outgoing and more than slightly over-sexed commercial jingle writer thoroughly enjoying life as an untethered bachelor in Malibu, California. That is, … Read more

Watching TV Online: CBS, ABC, Amazon’s Unbox, and Youtube

As I recently made the transition from dial-up internet service to DSL, obviously, I have been watching a lot of TV online; what else is DSL for? I have used four different sites to view TV shows online. Each online TV viewing site provided me with different results. These results are chronicled below for your … Read more

Review: Brotherhood on Showtime

I wish I had known about the critically acclaimed ShowTime series Brotherhood before what may have been it’s last season. I didn’t know because I hadn’t subscribed to ShowTime until about six months ago. One night while scrolling through the programs I accidental discovered it and decided to take a look, mostly because it was … Read more

Planet Earth Nature Documentary Series Opens Eyes

Animals are probably one of the most diverse living things on Earth. Even so, many of us never get to witness the true beauty that makes up our Earth. That is until now. Discovery Channel helps bring some of Earth’s rarest and uniquest animals to life in the amazing documentary series “Planet Earth”. The first … Read more

Funniest Friends Episodes

Everyone has seen at least one Friends episode sometime in their lives. It is almost impossible considering how many stations show it in syndication. However, if you haven’t, you’ve at least heard about it and understand the premise. This list is what I think are the funniest episode from each season. Watch these if you’ve … Read more

Top Ten Best TV Shows for Kids

Here are ten of the best TV shows that currently play on TV for kids and they are all on the Disney Channel so you know that what you’re children are watching is quality entertainment without all of the mature content you might find in shows on another network. I have listed my favorites starting … Read more