General George A. Custer’s Dogs on the Western Frontier of America

General George Armstrong Custer was, and still is, one of the most controversial military leaders in the history of our country. More than a hundred years after his death his ability to lead his troops, his military skill and personal judgment are still subjects which spark heated debates. But this famous golden haired boy general … Read more

A Look into Classical Humanism

Humanism can be described as a way of life that revolves around the interests of people. In particular it stresses human worth and building up self realization through inner reasoning. Humanism was developed in Greece and Rome, and is generally due to philosophy and current literary works during 1400-1650. It is termed “Classical Humanism” because … Read more

Black Poop: What Causes It?

No matter how you feel about neutral colors and earth tones, when it comes to poop, some shade of brown is what you expect and want to see. When you see another color when you have a bowel movement, such as black, it can be disconcerting. Getting to the bottom, literally, of what is causing … Read more

Vena Cava for Aqua at Bloomingdale’s

For ardent shoppers of Vena Cava, your purses will now feel the relief this September with the introduction of Vena Cava’s new partnership with the Bloomingdale’s in-house line, Aqua. Vena Cava’s reasonably priced fall collection will make its debut on September 1 in select Bloomingdale’s and then will appear in all the other locations and … Read more

The Top Five ‘Single Vocation’ Vocational Schools in Dallas

Vocational schools, often called “trade schools,” are intended to provide the student with the kind of hands-on, real-life training that will, ideally, lead to immediate employment after the student has obtained the certificate (or degree) that indicates successful completion of the training. These vocational or trade studies may vary in length from one week to … Read more

Managing the Acute Abdominal Pain That Comes with Crohn’s

The acute abdominal pain patients with Crohn’s disease suffer has to be one of the most severe forms of discomfort in the world. The only thing that comes close to it would be labor pains. Sometimes acute abdominal pain starts slowly and rolls over the body in predictable waves, as the natural movement of peristalsis … Read more

Left-Handed Celebrities: Famous Left-Handed Actors

This list of famous left-handed celebrities takes a look at some of the biggest actors in Hollywood. Statistically, left-handed people make up between 7 to 10 percent of the adult population. In addition, left-handedness is more prevalent in males then in females, which bears out in this list and its counterpart – The Left Handed … Read more

Early Japanese Imperialism: From Meiji to Manchukuo

When the term “imperialism” is mentioned, we most often think of Europe and the United States with their territories in Asia, Africa, and the South Pacific. However, there was one Asian nation that joined in this Western personified imperialistic boom. Japan was opened up under Western influence, and under Western pressure and the need to … Read more