Where to Find Photobook Gift Ideas

A picture is worth a thousand words! Most people have several cherished photographs taken during happy events in there life. Some people have pictures that are decades old and they keep them in shoe boxes, keep sake boxes, or photo albums because it is the best way to have a tangible memory of all the … Read more

Expensive or Cheap 1920s Wedding Favors

After some detailed searching on the Internet I have come across some really interesting ideas for a 1920’s wedding as far as the wedding favors go. The 1920’s was a time of dancing and movies were very exciting for people then. Women wore more exciting clothing and loved to go out dancing. Lately, people have … Read more

Tips For Choosing Your Bridal Party

One of the decisions about your wedding that is likely to cause drama is choosing your wedding party. To avoid hurting too many feelings, follow this guide to determine who will stand with you on your big day. 1.) How many? How many attendants will you have? Old-school etiquette says that it should be proportional … Read more

Top Ten Tips for Starting a Wedding Blog

If you’re thinking about starting a wedding blog, either about your own wedding planning or just to showcase wedding ideas and photos from other people’s celebrations, here are ten tips to get you pointed in the right direction: 1. If you’re blogging about your own wedding planning, be sure that your fiancĂ© is comfortable with … Read more

Food Ideas for a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be very memorable events in everyone’s lives. They are unique in every way, including the food. But considering you need to be a little more unique when it comes to a winter wedding’s food, should you be nervous? Not at all! In fact, a winter wedding allows you to express your creativity … Read more

5 Engagement Party Theme Ideas

So, someone’s getting engaged and it’s time to throw an engagement party. But what kind of theme should your engagement party have? Here are five ideas that might fit the bill: A Cocktail Party. If you’re going to have more than about eight people, a cocktail party can be a better choice than a dinner … Read more

10 Engagement Rings Without a Diamond

Purchasing an engagement ring can be a costly affair, but you don’t need to spend thousands and max out your credit card to propose marriage to your special girl. While diamonds are boasted as a girl’s best friend, they aren’t your wallet’s or African diamond miner’s best friends. Whether you aren’t keen on purchasing a … Read more