Cautions When Watching Street Performers in Las Vegas

While on a recent trip to Las Vegas, I paid attention to the crowds gathered to watch street performers. As you walk around Sin City, you are certain to stumble upon some of these performers. There are some tips you need to follow to keep yourself safe in these crowds.

Be Aware of the Street

These performers usually “work” on the sidewalk of the Las Vegas Strip. People will usually gather around these budding jugglers, magicians, and musicians in circles. If you are watching one of these performers, make sure you do not stand between the performer and the street. These crowds have a tendency to shift, and I noticed people falling off of the curb into the street. Luckily, I did not see anyone injured seriously, but the potential is there. Remember that you can get a jaywalking ticket for simply stepping into the street at some points of the Las Vegas Strip.

Be Aware of Violent People

“The audience” will usually mob up shoulder-to-shoulder as they try to catch the free show. I saw two fights break out during outside performances. Remember that there are drunk people walking around in Las Vegas who simply need someone to bump them to set them off. While only a small portion of drunken people are violent, a significant number of violent people are probably more violent when they are drunk.

Be Aware of Your Drink

While watching a free magic show on the Strip, I had two separate people pour their drinks on me. Walking around Las Vegas with a drink can be difficult due to the amount of people walking in every direction at any point. It is even harder to hold onto a drink when pressed like sardines to watching an open-air entertainer.

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Be Aware of Businesses

Usually, the performers along the Strip and on Fremont Street will try to make sure their performances are away from the doors of businesses and away from the kiosks in various areas. As I mentioned before, these crowds have a tendency to move. If the performer is not paying attention to the crowd, the show might end up a hundred feet or more away from the original location. Blocking the entrance to a business not only hurts the business, it could also get you a ticket.

Be Aware of Your Wallet

Not only do Las Vegas street performers draw travelers, they also draw in the pickpockets. With a large group of people in one area with their attention drawn to one location, a pickpocket can have a windfall. Make sure you pay attention to the bumps you get as someone might do something to ruin the rest of your trip.

Performances on the Strip and on Fremont Street in Las Vegas are a great way to pass a few minutes. Just make sure you pay attention to what is going on so that you do not get hurt or have another type of unfortunate circumstance happen. Make sure you let anyone else you are traveling with know these tips as well to save them from issues, as well.