Chicken Cutlets Vs. Water Bras: Which Breast Enhancement Option is Best?

Many women look for ways to enhance their breast size. For this very reason, there are products that are constantly designed to meet their needs. Two of the common products that seem to have remained on the market for quite some time now are chicken cutlets and water bras. Here, we will take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of each in order to help you determine what type of breast enhancer is the right choice for you.

Chicken Cutlets

Chicken cutlets are made from silicone and are very jelly-like in texture. They are nude in color, to match the average skin tone. You literally stuff them inside your bra for breast enhancement. The reason that they are called chicken cutlets is because they resemble the appearance of a chicken cutlet.

The Pros:

Affordable Price. Chicken cutlets can typically be purchased for about $15 – $30, depending on the retailer.

Easy to Use. All that you need to do is stuff the chicken cutlets inside each cup of your bra in the morning and take them out at night.

Durable. Even when they are worn daily, chicken cutlets are known to last anywhere between one and two years.

One Size Fits All. There’s no need to get fitted if you are interested in chicken cutlets.

Enhancement Options. Chicken cutlets can usually be purchased to enhance the size of your breasts by one cup size or two cup sizes.

The Cons:

Must Be Worn Daily. Unless they are only worn on special occasions, you need to be prepared to wear your chicken cutlets daily if you want to get away with it.

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Not Always Comfortable. Depending on your own preferences, chicken cutlets may not be the most comfortable option – especially when worn on a day to day basis.

Can Fall Out. Although it may not seem likely, it is possible for chicken cutlets to fall out of your bra, especially when you are taking part in physical activity.

Water Bras

Water bras are simply water-filled bras which enhance the size of the breasts. Although the bra industry wants you to believe that water bras are filled with water, they are actually filled with a water and oil mixture. Though there are other options, such as the gel bra, the water bra seems to have remained the most popular breast enhancement option among most women.

The Pros:

Affordable. The price of a water bra is often very similar to the price of a regular bra, depending on the retailer. The average cost is about $30.

Familiarity. A water bra will offer you the benefit of familiarity, as it is not much different than wearing a regular bra.

Easy to Use. You do not need to worry about inserting anything inside your bra, all that you need to do is put on your water bra.

Often Comfortable. As long as you find a bra comfortable, you will probably find a water bra comfortable. Most women can’t tell the difference.

Just Your Size. If you don’t like the idea of one size fits all, a water bra is probably a good choice for you. Much like a regular bra, you will wear the water bra that fits you best.

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The Cons:

No Enhancement Options. All water bras typically only provide you with one cup size of breast enhancement.

Not Very Durable. Water bras are known to explode. During this time the water will be released. This can often lead to embarrassment, if it happens when you are out in public.

May Explode While Washing. Since water bras are filled with both water and oil, it can really damage your other clothes if the water bra explodes while you are washing it. You will probably want to wash your water bra alone.

There is no doubt that there are many pros and cons associated with both chicken cutlets and water bras. It is important for you to consider what you value the most when it comes to breast enhancement options. If you want a breast enhancement option that offers more enhancement options and durability, but must be worn daily, you should probably consider chicken cutlets. If you want a familiar option that may be more comfortable, but is not as durable and may cost more, then you should probably consider a water bra.