College Football’s Top 15 Fan Bases Ranging from Songs, Chants, and Traditions

There’s nothing quite like college football fans with their painted faces, cheers, chants and fight songs. Whether they’re students, alumni, or the die-hard fans they love to show their team spirit. In no particular order here are the top 15 colleges known for their devoted fan bases.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide fans: ‘Bama fans are as loyal as they come to college football. Imagine over one-hundred thousand fans singing in unison from one of their many famous fight songs. There is Rammer Jammer, Roll Tide Roll, and Bammy Bound Cheer.

2. Ohio State Buckeye fans: They are considered one of the most tradition-rich schools in the country. It’s no wonder they have such a successful football program producing seven Heisman Trophy winners and seven national championships.

3. Michigan Wolverine fans: With the most winningest college football program, a total of 882 wins, they still pack the crowds even in losing seasons. The Game” is one of the year’s highlights when they play their fierce rival, Ohio State.

4. Auburn Tiger fans: Another part of the state of Alabama where one Auburn fan put it this way, “the most wonderful time of the year, it’s SEC football.” In other words, it is college football they live for, whether attending the game or watching it at their local sports bars. War Eagle, Hey!

5. Florida Gator fans: Watch out for the Gator Chomp! Ben Hill Griffin Stadium or The Swamp is awash with blue and orange-wearing fans. These are appropriate colors for the Sunshine State of blue skies and waters, plus orange representing the state’s citrus industry. It is fun to see the fans use their arms and hands to replicate a gator’s menacing mouth to the opposing team and fans.

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6. Penn State Nittany Lion fans: In a historical context these fans are still dedicated to the football program. One of their unique traditions in Happy Valley, yes it had been a positive place at one time ironically, is their White Out game against Ohio State. Just as the name implies the fans all wear white shirts. This makes the stadium seem bigger and more intimidating to the opposing team.

7. Texas Longhorn fans: Football and Texas go hand in hand, so does college football. Hook ’em Horns and all these fans have helped their school become the second winningest program in college football history

8. LSU Tiger fans: “Death Valley” lives up to its name as the most intimidating stadium to play at for an opposing team, especially a night game. The rabid fans make certain of that. In 1988 fans caused quite a ruckus when the stadium actually registered as an earthquake on seismographs. To say these fans are loud and proud is an understatement.

9. Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans: All one needs to do is watch the film “Rudy” to get an idea of the intensity and richness of college football’s history. This school epitomizes classic college football and all its traditions, fight songs and cheers. Through thick and thin seasons the Fighting Irish are truly loyal.

10. Wisconsin Badger fans: What a great way for fans to let out their aggression and get some exercise too with their “Jump Around” in the stadium. On the flip side some tend to find this team spirit rather obnoxious.

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11. Texas A&M; Aggie fans: Also known as the 12th Man these fans yell, not cheer, for their Midnight Yells. They do this before each home game. This fan tradition dates back to 1913.

12. Clemson Tiger fans: Here’s a school where fans participate within a variety of ways outside of the stadium confines. One such activity is the First Friday Parade before the first home game of the season. The running down “The Hill” tradition has been nicknamed “the most exciting 25 seconds in college football,” and a thrill for Clemson fans.

13. Iowa Hawk fans: Talk about college football fan displays unlike any other. Hawkeye fans took to their card tricks at one of their home games in a spectacular patriotic show. It’s truly amazing to watch.

14. Nebraska Cornhusker fans: ESPN considers these fans to be the most loyal along with Alabama and Notre Dame. Here is another state where a majority of its residents are longtime fans. Memorial Stadium holds the NCAA record for the Cornhuskers 311 consecutive sellouts. Get this; their last non-sellout game was on October 20, 1962.

15. Oklahoma Sooner fans: While we’re on the subject of ESPN they honored this school as being the most prestigious. A fan highlight of the season is their Red River Shootout featuring one of college football’s greatest rivalries against the Texas Longhorns.