Consumer Warning – Craig Electronics

In the market for a MP3 player? Sometimes it is best to go with a well known product, verses trying to save the almighty dollar by purchasing a cheaper version.

I had found a sales flyer advertising a 1 Gig MP3 player, “Two Day Sale, get it while you can!” I was duped! I had always wanted a MP3 player, so I figured this was a great time to get one.

I purchased the MP3 from Craig Electronics, model number CMP615D. While this little gadget was fun and innovative at first , it quickly went downhill from there.

I downloaded around 30 songs and the product was working great. Fast forward to ONE WEEK later, and I couldn’t get the MP3 player to turn on. It would power up, and then get stuck on a screen that showed an hour glass (you know, the dreaded hour glass that we all have grown to hate while waiting for our high tech gadgets to process the given commands).

I found a contact email address for Craig Electronics and sent off an email asking for a refund. The email was pretty much answered immediately. I thought, “wow this is great!”. Then I read the email.

I was told to send a check for $15 to cover shipping and handling.

I shot off another email, outlining again the request I had sent, asking for a refund. I also pointed out that I knew I would have to pay for shipping to return the product, however I didn’t find it necessary to send in $15 for the company to mail me a refund check.

The only response I got after that was telling me simply return the product to the retailer where I had purchased the product.

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I do not see how companies like this can stay in business. How can a company release a product for consumers to purchase, then demand MORE money when the product is defective?

The lesson here is to stick with the companies that are well known and stand behind their products. My hope for all of you is to avoid the headache and hassle that I went through, while throwing my money away.