Criss Angel’s “Secret Wife” Sues for Divorce

Criss Angel is pretty well known. He has his own television show, has been seen in Las Vegas and has been in a band. As well known as he is, no one has ever heard that he was married. That is not usually something you keep a secret and if you do, it usually gets leaked out by someone. Not this time. Until now, no one knew that Criss Angel was even married and now his “secret” wife is suing for divorce because she feels he is cheating on her with Cameron Diaz. According to the pair have had a 15-year relationship. That is a long time to be kept a secret. Makes you wonder!!

According to The New York Post, Criss Angel’s last name was Sarantakos but he changed it to Angel for his career. His wife lives in Long Island but he moved to Las Vegas after his career took off. Angel has said in the past that his image is a better one, single, not married. Appearing single will bring the women fans in.

Joanne Sarantakos, Angel’s estranged wife, is stating that Cameron Diaz is Angel’s lover. This comes after many sightings of the two together. She also claims that they kept their marriage a secret to help his career, according to aol news and The New York Post. Sarantakos’ lawyer, Dominic Barbara said “We’re naming Cameron Diaz as his lover” to Nassau County Court where the two had a meeting last Friday. Sarantakos and her lawyer plan on serving a subpoena to Diaz soon. She is suing her husband on the grounds of mental cruelty and abandonment. Angel’s lawyer, Elliot Weiner, is not denying the allegations of adultery. Sarantakos claims that Angel has not been supporting her even though he certainly has the funds to do so. He has made more than 7 million dollars in 2006 alone. He recently signed a contract with a Las Vegas for $200 million dollars. It has been noted that he has promised to send her money to take care of the house and expenses and that check never arrived.

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Angel is well known for his television show, Mindfreak. Cameron Diaz is a well known actress. Rumors have been going around for some time now about a romance between the two. They claim to just be friends. Sarantakos claims that Angel is cheating on her with Diaz. The pair have been seen in many different places since Diaz and Justin Timberlake have had a public split. Neither Angel nor Diaz have confirmed or denied any romantic “affair”.

Angel’s in laws had a lot to say to the NY Times about this whole ordeal. His father in law, Richard Winkhart said “When his career took a jump forward, he became a different person”. He added “He is in love with himself. He is a narcissist”. He also went on to state “My daughter was never acknowledged as his wife. He told her it was a better single image, than a married one”. Michael Winkhart, Angel’s brother in law said that the TV magician had turned reality into a permanent illusion. It’s almost as if he played the mindfreak game on her. He added “He was in control of her. He’s basically living a TV persona. Chris Sarantakos is dead – Criss Angel has taken over. He killed his old self and morphed into his new self – it’s scary, really”. With such harsh words from his in laws, it does really make you wonder how this relationship lasted as long as it did.

The court date has not yet been set, or at least not made public. Time will tell how this one will end. I have a feeling that his “secret” wife will come out on top. We shall see.

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