Cutter Advanced: Outdoor Insect Repellent Without the Feeling of Greasy Skin

Summer is here and there is something that lurks in the early mornings and evenings that can put a damper on any outdoor activity you would be enjoying and that’s bugs! Mosquitoes, gnats, chiggers, all of them can be a real pain and even carry diseases that could be harmful or even deadly to you and your family. There are a lot of products meant to fight off and repel these pests, but one in particular works very effectively, and that’s Cutter Advanced.

Cutter Advanced is a new kind of insect repellent that not only repels mosquitoes, but also an impressive array of other outdoor insects as well. Cutter Advanced will also repel against Chiggers, Gnats, Fleas, Flies, and No-See-Ums. This means that you can apply Cutter Advanced once and be insect free all day, and night long.

We all know how irritating these insect pests can be but bugs like Mosquitoes can also carry deadly viruses and diseases. The West Nile Virus is one of many diseases that mosquitoes carry, and it’s fatal if not caught in time. Every year people are killed because of the West Nile Virus and many of those deaths can be traced back and attributed to mosquito bits. This is the number one reason why anyone outdoors should apply bug repellent, and Cutter Advanced is one of the best.

Cutter Advance is unlike many conventional bug replants, not only in the fact that it offers superior protection form a vast array of insects, but also in its application. Many bug repellents, like Deep Woods Off and others leave a distinctive smell and residue associated with their spray, however Cutter Advanced does not. Cutter Advanced offers that same high level of protection, but without the greasy residue and smell of other sprays. Cutter Advanced has a very light feel and wont damage your clothes when applied like some other insect repellents will.

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Now Cutter Advanced is not the cheapest product around and you’ll be paying a bit more per bottle then your normal bug repellent, but it’s worth it. Cutter Advanced is just what it claims to be, “advanced” in the field of bug protection and convenience. It’s worth the extra few dollars not to smell horrible and feel greasy while enjoying the outdoors, yet still have a secure feeling that you won’t be bothered by any nasty insects.

There are a wide variety of products in use today and on our store shelves that claim to be “the best’ in the way of outdoor protection from insects, but none compare to everything Cutter Advanced has to offer. The level of protection is top notch, and Cutter Advanced has no negative side effects like greasy skin. Overall Cutter Advanced is one of the best insect repellents I have ever bought, and I would recommend it to anyone.