CWI Medical’s Commitment to Healthcare Quality and Service

Located in the middle of Long Island, CWI Medical has become a nationally recognized medical supply company. CWI Medical is a full service medical supply organization that carries the incontinence products such as First Quality’s Prevail, Attends and Tranquility. Also, CWI Medical is the leading distributor that focuses on clinical nutrition offering from Novartis, Ross, Nestle, and Pro-Stat. In addition, CWI Medical carries a variety of medical equipment such as Wheelchairs and Walkers.

CWI Medical was start by Shirley Lam in 1992. From her garage, she studied and planned to expand from her local surroundings to build a nationally recognized company. Joined by her oldest son, Noah, in 1995 and her other son, Norbert, and daughter, Alicia, a few years later. Each of them worked outside the company developing different skill sets. Each one were not planning to work with Mom, and before you know it, brothers and sisters were working side by side. Shirley is amazed that she would be working with one child, let alone all her children.

While many families prefer avoiding each other even during the holidays, and many family businesses stop growing for many reasons. The Lam’s are a very strong family, and continue to grow by looking outside family members. They recognize team members strengths and develop them as an extended family.

Just recently, Shirley was recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s Entreprenuer of the Year Reader Favorites. Also CWI Medical was awarded with Accreditation from ACHC-Accreditation Commision for Health Care.

Looking to the future, they have plans to build a multi-generation family business, similar to that of Johnson & Johnson. Things look bright for CWI Medical.

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