Does “Irritable Male Syndrome” (IMS) Explain Why Some Men Behave so Badly?

Men have always made fun of women and their emotions. If a woman so much as utters a negative word, “It must be that time of the month” is quick to come out of the mouth of a man. Science has verified that women aren’t the only ones to experience hormonal changes. Will “Irritable Male Syndrome” (IMS) make headway as a diagnosis, or is “Permanent Male Sulking” a better description?

Gary Vogin, of WebMD, writes that “Irritable Male Syndrome” (IMS) was discovered by Scotsman Gerald A. Lincoln. “Irritable Male Syndrome” (IMS) is the male equivalent of PMS, but it does differ in several respects. While women typically experience changes one time per month, men have hormonal changes hourly. “Irritable Male Syndrome” (IMS) is no excuse for a man’s temper tantrums, although it may help explain certain emotional swings.

“Irritable Male Syndrome” (IMS) is based upon science and the many hormonal changes men face each day. In an odd twist of fate, “Irritable Male Syndrome” (IMS) may show that men have been the bitchier sex all along.

Not all medical personnel are ready to embrace “Irritable Male Syndrome” (IMS). While male menopause has just begun to gain recognition in the medical field, there is still a debate among professionals over “Irritable Male Syndrome” (IMS) as a valid diagnosis.

In an article written by Jennifer Barrett of Newsweek, psychotherapist Jed Diamond warns, “We don’t want to label everybody who is angry and irritable with IMS.” Diamond has devised a test for “Irritable Male Syndrome” (IMS). It is available at, as well as at his website,

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The medical community certainly has its work cut out for fine-tuning “Irritable Male Syndrome” (IMS). For those like Debra, hope may be on the horizon. Debra and Ron are both in their 30’s and have three children. In recent years, Ron’s emotional outbursts are frustrating Debra. She describes him as acting more childish than their six year-old. Ron admits to throwing temper tantrums if she does not drop what she is doing to attend to his every whim. Can medical professionals decipher if Ron is suffering from “Irritable Male Syndrome” (IMS), or if Ron simply has a case of “Me first blues?” (Names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty.)

“Irritable Male Syndrome” (IMS) may just be the next hot item in the medical community. The question is, “How will they treat it?”

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