Everclear’s 10 Best Songs

Everclear has been an underground sensation from the very start, jumping in and out of popular culture since its first radio hit, Santa Monica. The band’s angst-riddled lyrics and bold themes have spoken to a generation of youth. The following is a compilation of Everclear’s 10 best songs.

10. New Blue Champion ( Album: Slow Motion Daydream ) – Although this song wasn’t released to radio, true Everclear fans still love it for the honesty and versitle nature of the message. “I think you must think that I’m stupid; Well, I might be stupid for the rest of my life; But I’ll never be stupid for you again; I just want it all to go away.”

9. Volvo Driving Soccer Mom ( Album: Slow Motion Daydream ) – Everclear tells the story of a wild and daring young lady who grows up to be conservitive soccer mom. Listening to the lyrics, the listener can’t help but giggle. “Where do all the porn stars go when the lights go down?; I think I know where all the porn stars go; They all become Volvo driving soccer moms.”

8. AM Radio ( Album: Songs from an American Movie Volume 1: Learning How to Smile ) – Everclear released this feel-good song to radio a few weeks before Good Time for a Bad Attitude. Listeners loved the spunky beat and lyrics reminiscing of a simpler time. “We’d listen to the radio station; We were too damn poor to buy the 8 track tapes.”

7. Rock Star ( Album: Songs from an American Movie Volume 2: Good Time for a Bad Attitude ) – Everclear licensed this song to the movie Rock Star. The strong beat and daring lyrics encourage listeners to get out of their seats and sing along. I just want to be a rock star; I want to be like all those people up in first class; I just want to be a rock star; I want to tell the little people they can kiss my ***

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6. Santa Monica ( Album: Sparkle and Fade ) – This was Everclear’s first big hit. I think we’ve all heard those first few notes on the radio and couldn’t resist the urge to sing along “I am still living with your….ghost”. Santa Monica gave listeners a change to fantasize about escaping away from troubles to paradise with the one they loved. “We can live beside the ocean; leave the fires behind; swim out past the breakers; watch the world die.”

5. The New York Times ( Album: Slow Motion Daydream ) – Everclear took a chance on a post-9/11 song. The haunting lyrics spoke to the nation as it healed from the attacks. “This eye for an eye thing has gone too far; I don’t know anyone who does not hurt inside; I would like to believe we could learn from this; And maybe someday we can make things right.”

4. I Will Buy You a New Life ( Album: So Much for the Afterglow ) – Everclear enjoyed success with the release of this song. The lyrics spoke to the financially disadvanteged. It was the ultimate White-Knight-on-a-shining-steed anthem. “I hate those people who love to tell you; Money is the root of all that kills; They have never been poor; They have never had the joy of a welfare Christmas.”

3. Hater ( Album: Welcome to the Drama Club ) – Everclear wrote the ultimate break-up song. The lyrics speak of the anger and frustration everyone feels after a break-up. “I don’t like the way that you talk to me; When you tell me how it’s gonna be; And I don’t like the way that you smile at me; When you tell me what is wrong with me”

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2. Father of Mine ( Album: So Much For the Afterglow ) – This may be Everclear’s most relavent song. So many children today grow up without a father in the home. This song was autobiographical, as the lead singer Art Alexakis grew up without his father. Sadly, more and more people today can relate to the lyrics. “Father of mine; Tell me where have you been?”

1. Wonderful ( Album: Songs from an American Movie Volume 1: Learning How to Smile ) – This is clearly Everclear’s biggest hit. It really hit home the youth of America troubled by unstable family relationships. Simple lyrics sung from a child’s perspective speak to the hearts of fans. “I hope my mom and I hope my dad; Will figure out why they get so mad; I hear them scream, I hear them fight; They say bad words that make me want to cry; Close my eyes when I go bed at night; Dream of angels who make me smile; I feel better when I hear them say; Everything will be wonderful someday.”