Famous Twins: Liberace, Alanis Morisette and More

Twins, as we all know, are born together, but sometimes they are born just minutes apart. There are many twins – famous or otherwise – in the world. I was looking on the Internet for fun and interesting things to share, and I thought, “Hey, why not do an article on famous twins? I mean, hey, it’s fun to learn new things and twin information may be fun.”

Anyone over the age of 30 can remember the double mint twins, Eng and Cheng the conjoined twins.

Alanis Morissette is also a twin, her twin’s name is Wade, and she often talks about him during her shows. Though Aaron and Nick Carter are just brothers, Aaron is a twin to Angel, who is two minutes older then her twin brother. Everyone knows that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are twins, Robin and Maurice Gibb the bee gees.

Did you know Elvis was a twin? He was but his twin Jesse was stillborn. Can you imagine if there were two Elvis’s around this world. I wonder what the other one would have done as a job had he lived? Did you know that Alice on the Brady Bunch was a twin as was Liberace? , Kiefer Sutherland’s twin died at birth. Justin Timberlake also had a twin, her name was Laura, and she died a few minutes after their birth.

Those were all natural twin births. Twins as we all know can look alike or look very different. They can have the same type of jobs such as baseball greats like Jose and Ozzie Davis and twin sister writers Abby (Dear Abby fame) and Ann Launders

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Several famous people have twins, let us not forget Loretta Lynne, George and Laura Bush, Mel Gibson, Jimmy Stewart, and Jane Seymour have twins. Ron Howard, Michael J Fox, and Robert de Niro are also parents of twins.

Twins occur in once in about 90 pregnancies which means they are common at times. Thirty percent of twins are identical while the rest are fraternal. More then half of the twins born are males. Whites have the highest average of having twins, while Asian twins are rare indeed.

Fraternal twins are the most common type of twins, this happens when two sperm join two eggs. This means they can be fertilized at separate times and can have different fathers. They grow in separate sacks as well and they tend to be heredity. It is the incidence of twins on the mother’s side that determines this type of twins. 2/3 of all twins are fraternal.

The other 1/3 is identical twins, which are opposite sex. One fourth of identical twins will be mirrors of each other. One is right handed while the other twin is left handed, even organs in the body will be on different sides. One out of four identical twins are exact mirrors of each other.

Twins are cute, and let us face it: All moms would like to have twins just so they would not have to go thru the awful pain of childbirth more then once. Twins are a lot of work, I know I seen it first hand when my sisters friend had fraternal twins. Kodi and Kyle are now 16 years old, but I remember how busy their mom was when they were babies.

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