Feel like Superman on Superman: Tower of Power at Six Flags St. Louis

The needle in the sky. That is the best way to describe Superman: Tower of Power. This thrill ride penetrates the sky, along with Mr. Freeze, at Six Flags St. Louis. This 230 feet tall tower is usually pretty quick to get onto and is worth the wait if there is a line.

This is not the first time that I have ridden this type of ride. When Six Flags Astroworld in Houston, Texas was still operational, they had this particular ride, but it was named the Dungeon Drop. Also at the Six Flags in New Orleans, they had a ride similar to this one also. This ride actually looks like a more modern version of the Sky Screamer which was at the Houston Six Flags before it was replaced by the Dungeon Drop.

If you do not know about the Sky Screamer, this is a ride where you are standing inside a cart, and once you take the elevator ride to the top, it pushes you forward, onto the track, and then lets you loose falling down, but towards the end you make a curve and you end up on your back until the departure where the ride attendant stands you back up and unlocks your car.

Superman: Power of Tower and Dungeon Drop are a new, modern twist to the Sky Screamer. In both of these rides, you are sitting down with three other people on your side, with five other cars around the tower holding four passengers each. Because the ride is so short, and it holds so many passengers at one time, the queue line goes by really fast for this ride. At Six Flags St. Louis, I went on a Monday, and I walked right up to the turnstile ready to board this powerful terror, so I do not really recall what the scenery looked like. I do remember some pictures of a few superheroes on the wall and a brief description of who they are and what their power is, but that it about it. I can remember not being impressed by it. At the former Six Flags Astroworld in Houston, Texas, I can remember the scenery a little more vividly because I had to wait in line since it was the first year that this ride was open. While in the queue line for the Dungeon Drop, the scenery takes you back to the medieval period. First you start off along the castle wall until you finally cross the drawbridge and into the castle. From there you make your way past the knights of armor, elaborate sconces, and, of course, lots of skeletons. Then you reach the tower and enter! It is your time to drop!

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Superman: Tower of Power is 230 feet high and was constructed by Intamin Rides in Switzerland. As you begin you ascend to the heavens, you can see the entire Six Flags Theme Park; this is usually the best view of the park and makes this ride worth riding just for the view. Once at the top, there is a little hesitation from the ride operators on the ground below. Then all of a sudden with the push of a button, you are trying to scream your way to the 230 feet tower at over 60 mph in total free fall. It is one of the biggest rushes in the park. It makes your stomach rush into your throat. It is GREAT! Anytime there is a Tower ride like this, I always ride it, not always just for the rush, but because the queue line is usually not that long, the scenery has a chance of being pretty good, and you get that fantastic view of the entire park that you cannot get on any other ride. I highly suggest riding this ride, if your stomach can handle the Tower of Power!