“Finding Nemo” Themed Party Favors for Kids

With “Finding Nemo 3D” due to be released in the theaters in September 2012, there is a good chance that your preschool child might end up wanting a “Finding Nemo 3D” birthday party in the near future. With that said, I thought that I would share a few of my “Finding Nemo 3D” party favor suggestions with you. Here they are:

Finding Nemo Water Globes

In my opinion, Finding Nemo Water Globes would make great party favors for kids. Finding Nemo Globes are available for purchase through party supply shops. In most instances, a package of four Finding Nemo Water Globes will cost you less than $5. They look like any other water globe except the center of the globe contains a Nemo figurine.

Tropical Fish Bubble Bottles

Tropical fish bubble bottles would make super “Finding Nemo 3D” party favors too. Based on my experience, tropical fish bubble bottles are available through multiple party supply retailers. In general, the bubble bottles are topped with clown fish figures and sell for less than $8 a case.

“Finding Nemo” Edibles

When it comes to “Finding Nemo” edible party favors, you have a few options to choose from. For starters, there are candy wholesalers and party supply shops that sell Tropical Fish Ring Suckers. The candy portion of the ring is shaped like a colorful clown fish. There are traditionally several flavors available to choose from. In my experience, a dozen, ready-made Tropical Fish Ring Suckers will cost you less than $7. Of course you could also opt to create your own Nemo shaped candies, lollipops and sugar cookies. There are plenty of confectionary supply shops that sell tropical fish shaped molds and cookie cutters for less than $5 each.

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Tropical Fish Toys and Game

Tropical fish related toys and games would also make excellent “Finding Nemo 3D” party favors. One of my favorites is a Tropical Fish Bouncing Ball. The bouncing balls are see-through and the center features a tropical fish figurine. Tropical fish bouncing balls are generally available for purchase through party supply shops. A dozen Tropical Fish Bouncing Balls will usually cost you less than $9. Other options worth considering are fish-shaped water games, fish shaped squirts, Clown Fish finger puppets and plush Clown Fish.

Tropical Fish Themed School Supplies

Since “Finding Nemo 3D” is being released during the school year, tropical fish themed school supplies would make superb party favors. You could opt to go with packs of Disney Finding Nemo Stickers or generic fish related school supplies. Disney Finding Nemo Stickers tend to be available for purchase through major department stores for less than $3. Generic, tropical fish related stickers are generally less expensive. In addition to the stickers, you may want to add tropical fish shaped pencil sharpeners, fish shaped pens and self-inking ocean life stamps into the children’s party favor bags as well. A case of each one typically sells for less than $10 each.

Source: Personal Experience

Killeen Gonzalez has a degree in hotel and restaurant management. She is also a former special events planner.

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