Frownies: The Best Wrinkle Fighting Product on the Market

If you have wrinkles and do not want to use a dangerous and expensive chemical treatment, try Frownies Facial Pads. Frownies are a simple cost effective wrinkle-fighting product made from “unbleached natural Kraft paper” and skin-friendly adhesive (

Developed in 1889 by a concerned mother noticing her daughter’s developing wrinkles, Frownies have a devoted Hollywood following and have proven effective in reducing wrinkles. Stars like Rene Russo and model Dayle Haddon credit Frownies for helping maintain smoother, more youthful, and less wrinkled skin.

I love this product and have been using it for five years. I became aware of Frownies after reading an interview with actress Rene Russo in Good Housekeeping. Rene stated, “They have adhesive on one side, like a glue. You lick that side, separate your crease, put it on the crease, and sleep with it. And the next morning you look better. I swear by them.” (Good Housekeeping, September 2001)

There are two types of Frownies. One is made specifically for use on corners of eyes and mouth. The other is for the forehead and between the eyes. Each box contains 144 facial pads and costs around $15 each, a bargain compared to Botox and expensive lotions.

Frownies work by holding muscles underneath the skin immobile, causing them to relax and reduce wrinkle-causing movement. According to package directions, one should use Frownies for at least three hours at a time. I have had the best results when using them overnight.

Frownies directions advise you to use them consistently for 30 days, then four times per week to maintain results. I was especially concerned about the frown lines between my eyes, so concentrated on that area. I saw improvement in two weeks. The wrinkles were less pronounced, and as I continued use, that area became much smoother.

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I noticed that if I went more than two days without using Frownies, the wrinkles between my eyes became more noticeable. Consistent use is the key. In fact, I have the best results when I use them nightly.

As the crow’s feet around my eyes became more obvious, I decided to try Frownies there. I found that the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate and therefore I could not tolerate using Frownies. When removing the Frownies facial pads, they pulled the skin too much. The facial pads also left imprints in the skin around my eyes that remained for quite some time.

Directions for using Frownies state to first thoroughly cleanse and dry your face, and if you use a moisturizer, to let it absorb before applying Frownies. My experience is that Frownies will not adhere well to your skin if you moisturize first. When I tried this, I found that by morning the Frownies were either partially peeled off or had completely peeled away. Instead, I apply moisturizer around the Frownies once they are adhered.

After cleaning and drying skin, you moisten a Frownies facial pad with water and apply. The best way to apply Frownies is to gently separate the wrinkle with one hand and apply the facial pad with the other. I find that holding the facial pad in place for at least 30 seconds allows it to adhere more firmly and stay in place all night.

When first using Frownies, they are a bit uncomfortable, feeling stiff and at times a little itchy. I quickly became used to them, though, and now can wear them every night without problem.

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I am now 41 years old and people are surprised by that. Most say I look like I am in my early to mid thirties! I credit Frownies for helping me maintain more youthful skin.

I highly recommend using Frownies Facial Pads to reduce your wrinkles. They are easy to use, cost effective, and really do work.