Garage Improvement

Every man loves his garage; however, so often most of the money goes into improving the interior of the home, the backyard, or even just tools to place in the garage. Here are several ideas using innovative products that can improve your garage both aesthetically and funcationally.

1. Wayne Dalton I-Drive Torsion opener – Ever had problems with traditional garage door openers? The i-drive is a different type of garage door opener that eliminates the chains, belts, and rails that clutter the garage ceilings. The i-drive opener is small but powerful and installs neatly on the wall right above your garage door. The opener operates quietly and never fails to wow guests. This reliable garage door opener will improve the look of the garage and reduce noise and vibrations inside of the house.

2. Epoxy Floor Coating – Epoxy floor coating for the garage can be pricey but instantly transforms a typical garage into a beautiful showroom. Not only does the floor coating look amazing, it also provides many advantages over the typical concrete garage floors. Spills and leaks are cleaned without any problems. Epoxy flooring is also superior to other flooring upgrades as it is very durable and scratch resistant. The flooring, even after years of heavy traffic and abuse, will still retain it’s showroom appearance and be a truely wonderful addition to any garage.

3. Flourescent Lights – If your garage is solely used for parking your cars, then a simple light bulb will do. However, if you enjoy working in your garage, installing new lighting is a must. Try the Aluminum Downlight High Bay from Everlast. Very powerful bulbs and no need to completely change or install fixtures. For long term lighting solutions, it’s best to install flourescent lighting fixtures in the garage. They will last a long time and will illuminate your garage sufficiently for years to come.

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4. Cabinet / Workshop fixtures – Garage cabinets and workbenches are beautiful additions to any garage. However, every garage and handyman’s needs are different so no real recommendations can be made. However, shopping around and investing in a metal peg board is always a smart idea.

5. The Garage Fridge – The final piece of your garage improvement puzzle is the ultimate garage fridge. A garage fridge is useful in that you don’t have to interrrupt your work to grab a cold drink on a hot day. In addition, you can leave your hands dirty and won’t have to worry about getting grease or dirt inside the home when you go and grab your drink. Finally, the extra fridge is also useful when you buy more groceries than normal. Now the fridge listed in the link provided is a sleek and attractive model that will be the cherry on top of your garage cake. You can even lock the door to prevent others from leeching your beers and snacks. In reality, any old fridge will do and will cost maybe an extra $5-$10 to run each month.

The garage is a grown man’s playground, and if you are within the means to do so improving your garage may be some of the most rewarding money you’ve ever spent!