George Strait’s Top 10 Greatest Songs

George Strait is a Texas icon. This handsome singer is well-loved around the world, but we Texans really like him. He has a lazy smile, smooth and quiet charm, what looks like just a touch of shyness, and he’s a real live rodeo man.

Here are just the top 10 of my favorite George Strait songs.

1. “All My Exes Live In Texas”.

Being a Texan myself who has dated quite a bit, this is my theme song. “All My Exes” is a fun George Strait song that pretty much sums up the dating scene. I’ve never had to give up a whole state as big as Texas to my exes, but things have gotten a little too close in my gym a time or two when I’ve run into an ex and his new girlfriend. I find myself humming this George Strait song at the gym a lot.

2. “I Cross My Heart”.

George has set many hearts a-flutter with “I Cross My Heart” from his movie “Pure Country”. It is a great wedding song about the promise of love and living happily ever after. George can sure croon a romantic tune.

3. “The Chair”.

The Chair” takes one through the smooth moves of a man wanting to spend a little time with a pretty lady, and the moves worked. Guys, this is a great how-to guide if you’re looking to pick up a lady in a bar, although it may be more than a little cliché by now.

4. “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind”.

The pain and loneliness that comes with the end of a relationship. The times you wonder if he ever even thinks of you. This is a George Strait song that I totally get. Sigh.

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5. “You Can’t Make A Heart Love Somebody”.

I feel bad for the poor fella in this George Strait song. It makes me wonder why people date for so long when their heart is not in love with the person they are dating. “You Can’t Make a Heart Love Somebody” is a real heart-break song.

6. “Check Yes Or No”.

You just can’t beat true love and finding “the one” in third grade. That checking “yes” or “no” thing must really work. I wonder if it would work for an old lady like me. Maybe the reason we don’t find “the one” is because we’re too afraid to ask and we let opportunities go by. Maybe if the poor guy in song #5 had passed this note early on he wouldn’t be in the predicament he’s in now. I highly recommend “Check Yes or No”.

7. “I Can Still Make Cheyenne”.

I think this is one of George Strait’s most “deep” songs. There is a lot of emotion going on here. It’s about being tired and afraid, and being tired of being afraid and making the decision to move on to the next thing or the next person.

8. “Carrying Your Love With Me”.

Carrying Your Love With Me” is a sweet song about a man taking a trip and thinking about his lady all along the way. I think he’s saying you don’t need much when you have love. It’s a catchy tune that you’ll find yourself humming for awhile.

9. “Write This Down”.

There is no worse kind of breakup than the one you don’t see coming, the one that blind-sides you and leaves you realizing that you were the only one in love and you had no idea he didn’t feel the same. It sounds to me like George Strait has had a little trouble in the romance department before.

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10. “You Know Me Better Than That”.

This is a lighthearted tune that tells of our flaws and how we tend to hide them in new relationships. This is the song that leads to #5. Sometimes people fall in love with who they think you are and then when the real person shines through it leads to disillusionment. Honesty is always the best route to take. Again I must ask, “Why stay in a relationship and let it progress to the point that the other person is thinking marriage and you are going to devastate him?” I just don’t get it, but obviously George Strait knows something about it since he’s sung it from both the male and female perspectives.

George Strait’s music shows love from all angles and gives a glimpse into the rodeo lifestyle. These top 10 songs are real classics.


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