Gillette Sensor 3 – The Best, Inexpensive Razor You Can Get

Believe it or not, this inexpensive disposable razor is the best razor I have ever used. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a product review. I haven’t really come across any new products that I’ve felt like writing about. Well, as silly as it seems, when I discovered Gillette Sensor 3, I was actually inspired to tell people about this awesome razor.

I had gone about a month without shaving before the first time I used a Sensor 3. Since I’m the kind of guy who actually has a five o’ clock shadow at five o’ clock, going a month without shaving produces a beard that would put Grizzly Adams to shame. The reason I stopped shaving in the first place was because I was just sick of it. I absolutely could not find a razor that didn’t hack my face to pieces. Well, one day a friend of mine was at my place, and he accidentally left some of his razors behind. I needed a shave badly, and I hadn’t bought any razors in while, so I figured he wouldn’t mind if I used one of his. I couldn’t believe how easily this razor cut through my thick beard without slicing up my face. I called him immediately after and asked him what kind of razor he used. He said he didn’t know. He told me that he just picked up some disposable razors at the store.

It turns out that the disposable razors he purchased were Gillette Sensor 3’s. I was in shock that a disposable razor could work so well. Usually I use two disposable razors just for one shave, and then I toss them in the garbage. However, with the Gillette Sensor 3 I am able to shave with it 3 or 4 times before it becomes dull. The best part, is that you can buy a package of three Gillette Sensor 3’s for about $4.00.

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Now, I know you’re probably thinking that maybe this razor seems so great to me because I’ve never used a decent blade before. Well, I can assure you that is not the case. Before I switched to the Sensor 3 I was using a Schick Quattro. You know, the razor with four blades and the big comfy handle. I have also used the Mach 3. I can emphatically say that the Gillette Sensor 3 is leaps and bounds better than these other top-of-the-line razors. If you’ve been thinking about switching to a new blade, I highly suggest that you try the Gillette Sensor 3.