Giving Thanks for Photographs

One of my Christmas presents was an HP 8.4″ digital picture frame. I have it setting on my kitchen counter, and whenever I walk by I glance at the current picture that is on display as part of a slide show, and then the next one, and the next one. It’s like watching your life flash before your eyes, except in slow motion. It certainly has revived my interest in my photograph collection, and made me grateful for having these pictures.

So today I am giving thanks for photographs. I’m a “point and shoot” type of photographer which means my collection of photographs is pretty amateurish for the most part. But I appreciate them, anyway.

Looking at my pictures on display also has given me cause to give thanks for the examples of excellent photography that we can enjoy on the yahoo! contributor network.

I glean most of my pictures from the Wikimedia website, and only publish a limited number of my own pictures for use with such articles as book reviews. However, I often see remarkable photographs accompanying articles published by those contributors that I have gotten to know best. A few contributor sites that come to mind with published photographs are:

Mike Powers and Delicia Powers, photographs to coordinate with the poetry they publish

Lorraine Yapps Cohen, photographs showing some of the beautiful jewelry that she designs

Darren Koobs, photographs showing the beauty of his region of the country, and also some slides

LG Crabtree (Gayle), photographs accompanying many of her travel articles

Kathrine Lloyd, photographs accompanying articles, and also publishing occasional slideshows

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Mike Oberg, photographs accompanying many of his articles and also publishing numerous slides. Mike has his own photography website on SmugMug: Oberg Photography

Sometimes a published photograph by a writer stirs up yet another contributor’s creativity. For example:

Darren Koobs published Abandoned Farmhouse in North Dakota.
Donald Rothra was inspired to write a poem because of the photo: Old Abandoned Farmhouse.
Lori Gunn wrote a story because of Donald Rothra’s poem: Abandoned Farmhouse: Story of Dashed Dreams.

It would be a bleak world without any photographs to capture the fleeting moments of time and then provide us with visual images of those moments that we can enjoy for the rest of our lives.

Today I am not only giving thanks for photographs, I am giving thanks for the efforts of the many contributors throughout the yahoo! contributor network who take the time and effort to publish some of their own photographs for the rest of us to enjoy. I have named only a few such contributors – there are many publishing on yahoo! who share their work with the world. Thank you, photographers one and all!

And again, I give thanks for photographs.

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Sources: Personal experience, and Ephesians 5:20