Harrison Ford’s 16 Best Movies

Harrison Ford is one of the favorite action stars of all time. He has played many popular characters and has done some of the best movies. Here is a list of Harrison Ford’s best movies.

1. “Star Wars” – I am basically grouping Star Wars 4 through 6 together, where Harrison played the famous character Han Solo in battling the Evil Empire.

2. “Indiana Jones” – Indiana Jones and his adventures were great. It was so good that they made 4 movies.

3. “The Fugitive” -The story about a man who gets framed for his wife’s killing when he knows it was done by a 1 armed man.

4. “Blade Runner” – A blade runner has to track down replicants who hijacked a space ship.

5. “Air Force One”

6. “Clear and Present Danger”

7. “Patriot Games” -A CIA agents stops an IRA assassination, and the group then sets their sites on him and his family.

8. “Working Girl” A secretary’s idea is stolen by her boss so in order to steal it back she pretends to be her boss.

9. “Six Days Seven Nights” – A pilot gets on an island with his passenger for six days, then come home to find that things have changed for both of them.

10. “Regarding Henry” – A lawyer was shot and forgets his memory as well as how to speak and his mobility.

11. “Hollywood Homicide” – A young rap group in L.A. was murdered and 2 detectives, who have other aspirations, must solve the crime.

12. “What Lies Beneath – A scientist’s wife thinks she is seeing ghosts and he begins to get worried.

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13. “Presumed Innocent” – A prosecutor is investigating the murder of his girlfriend, in which he is the prime suspect.

14. “Frantic” – A doctor and his wife go to Paris for a conference. After taking a shower one day he finds his wife missing.

15. “Witness” – A young Amish boy is the sole witness to a murder and police officer must protect him until the trial.

16. “Cowboys and Aliens” – (currently in production) In 1873 a cowboy who does not remember his past find himself in a desert town. The only hint to his past is a strange device on his wrist. When getting captured the town gets attacked by aliens.