Home Haircuts

There are many reasons people choose to perform home haircuts. The two biggest reasons are usually convenience and saving money.

A haircut at home can be done whenever you have time. No appointment needed. No waiting. No driving to and from the salon. You can enjoy a movie together while you perform a home haircut.

Saving money can be a big motivator to cut hair at home. You’ll save gas you would have used driving to and from the salon. Then there’s the haircut itself. Most people cut their hair at least 4 times a year. Even the cheapest places usually cost at least $15 a haircut. With that and tip you’ll be saving at least $75 for every person in your family that you give home haircuts to.

Now that you know the benefits of home haircuts, let’s get started.

What you will need for your daughter’s home haircut:

-hair cutting scissors available at any drugstore or general store. They normally run between $15 and $30 dollars Be sure to wipe them clean and dry them after every haircut.
-Butterfly clips to clip hair into easily manageable sections
-spray bottle filled with water to keep hair damp. Wet hair is easier to cut.
-plastic haircutting cape or just a dry towel to wrap around the shoulders to keep the hair off the child during the haircut
-a brush to untangle hair
-combs. A wide toothed comb is great for parting the hair before the haircut, while a fine toothed comb is best to use during the haircut.

Brush your daughter’s hair to remove any tangles. Then shampoo and condition the hair. Blot excess water with a towel and then wrap the towel around her shoulders to keep her clothes dry.

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Have her sit on a stool in the kitchen or another room where it will be easy to sweep up the cut hair. A room with a TV or radio on also proves helpful for distraction purposes.

It is best to start with a quick and simple haircut. You’ll need more practice before trying the more complicated haircuts.

With the wide toothed comb part the hair into 4 sections. Front, back, and side to side. So you should have two sections on the top of the head and two in the back.

Starting at the crown of the head use butterfly clips to secure the hair in each section until just the bottom layers of the back, front and sides are left You want just enough left to make your guide cuts.

Decide how much hair you want to cut off on the front, sides and back. Make your guide cuts that length. After the guide cuts are made let out one butterfly clip at a time cutting the hair to match the guide cut. Comb some of the guide cut up with each section of hair as you cut it to be sure it will all be the same length.

Make sure to to keep hair moist during your home haircut by misting it with the spray bottle. To create layers pull the comb up at an angle as you cut. The higher of an angle the more drastic the layers will be.

Home haircuts are a simple way to save time and money. Remember, just like with all things, the more home haircuts your perform the better you’ll get.

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