How to Plan a Camping Trip

Camping is a wonderful, relaxing activity that you can share with your whole family any time of year. Not only does it give you time away from the everyday hassles of life, but it also is a relatively low cost form of entertainment. To make your camping trip a great experience it is important to do some planning before you head out. Here are some tips and pointers on how to plan a camping trip.

The first thing you will need to consider when planning a camping trip is the weather. Most people choose to camp in the summer because both the daytime and nighttime temperatures are usually comfortable and make for a more pleasant camping experience. Spring and fall can both be beautiful times to camp, but the temperatures can dip during the night so be sure to plan accordingly. Winter camping is good for hardy souls and can be quite beautiful. Just make sure that you pack enough warm gear if you choose to camp during the winter months.

Watch the weather forecast for a few days before you leave on your camping trip to see what conditions are like so you are sure that you are bringing the right types of gear. Also be sure to check if it is supposed to rain while you are camping so you can bring waterproofing supplies.

Before you start gather your items together for your trip you should make up a checklist of what you will need. It is easier to get it all down on paper before you start packing. As you gather each item check it off on your checklist. This will help you to keep from leaving anything important behind.

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One of the main things you will need to decide is what your sleeping arrangements will be on your camping trip. Sleeping out under the stars can be beautiful, however, it can also be quite wet if you are hit with a sudden rainstorm. Tent camping is a nice med-level option that will keep you dry in case of rain but also allows you to hear all the sounds of nature around you. The final option would be RV camping. Camping in an RV allows you to have many of the comforts of home while still having nature at your doorstep. You should choose whatever shelter option you feel comfortable with and is suited to the weather.

You should choose a sleeping bag that is appropriate for the season in which you are camping. Lightweight bags are great for summer, and heavy sleeping backs that are rated to subzero temperatures are the best choice for winter. Your clothing should be comfortable and easy to move around in. Don’t pack anything that you don’t want to get dirty! Also be sure to bring extra clothing – especially extra socks since socks can have a tendency to get wet and dirty while camping.

You choice of food for camping can be pretty much whatever appeals to you and your family. You should try to think of foods that are easy to cook or prepare. Hotdogs and marshmallow are great for roasting over a campfire, and hamburgers grilled over an open fire are delicious. Consider packing the makings for cold sandwiches or other items that can just be tossed together without the need for a campfire as well. No matter what you bring to eat you will want to plan what pots, pans and utensils you need to prepare it. Also be sure to remember to pack stuff to clean up after your meals as well.

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Food should be stored in a container that helps to keep escaping smells to a minimum. Animals like bears and raccoons can be attracted to the scent of food and are great at finding their way into coolers, so the less smell your food gives off the better. At night while you are sleeping you should hang your cooler with a rope in a tree high enough off the ground that animals can’t get it at, but low enough down from the tree that tree-dwelling animals won’t find their way into it.

Because you are often far from aid when you are camping it is important to bring safety gear such as a first aid kit. It is also a good idea to bring along a cell phone in case of emergency. Even if you don’t have service where you plan to camp, you can often get to a location where there is service more quickly than you could get back to civilization if you are in need of help.

With proper planning a camping trip can be a wonderful, memorable experience for the whole family.