Hugh Jackman’s 15 Best Movies

Are you a Hugh Jackman fan like I am and do you like his movies? Here is a list of Hugh Jackman’s best movies to date.

1. “X-men” -The team of mutants is introduced to Wolverine and together they battle Magneto and his Brotherhood.

2. “Wolverine” -The origin story of Wolverine which shows his relationship with Sabertooth and how Wolverine got those claws.

3. “Kate and Leopold” – Kate’s boyfriend Stuart finds a time warp near the Brooklyn Bridge and goes back in time. As he’s taking pictures he attracts the attention of Leopold who follows him back to present day.

4. “X2” – The mutants return to team up with Magneto and his Brotherhood in this sequel to battle Stryker.

5. “Someone like you” -Jane is a producer of a popular talk show and has a relationship with the show’s executive producer Ray. When Ray dumps her, she writes a book comparing men to cows that becomes a hit.

6. “X-men 3” – When a cure for mutants is developed a war breaks out. Magneto and his group must battle the X-men once again to save the cure.

7. “Swordfish” -An anti terrorist group needs Stanley’s help to help steal money from one of the government’s dummy corporations.

8. “Van Helsing” – The infamous religious man and monster hunter that is sent to Transylvania to battle the likes of Dracula and the Wolfman.

9. “The Prestige” – 2 assistants of a magician are at odds when one of their wives dies in a performance.

10. “Australia” -At the beginning of WWII an English woman moves from Great Britain to Australia to meet her husband when she finds out that he’s been murdered. With the help of Drover played by Jackman and some local employees drives her cattle to supply the army

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11. “The Wolverine” – (currently in production) The sequel to “Wolverine” in which he travels to Japan and meets up with the Silver Samurai.

12. “Real Steel” -(currently in production)A movie set in the future in which fighters control robots that do battle.