Improve Fertility by Maximizing Adrenal Gland Function

Our adrenal glands our positioned on top of our kidneys, are triangular in shape and about 3 inches in length. For such small things, they are packed with power. Power that helps us cope with stess in all its forms, and there’s an astronomical amount of stress just in daily living. Whether we break a bone, are taxed emotionally, or are working hard to make a deadline of some sort, or maybe we are in contact with environmental toxins, it all falls under stress of some sort, and it is our adrenal glands that help us by producing certain hormones to cope with the stressors. Chronic stress will eventually cause adrenal exhaustion, making the glands sluggish and ineffective in their hormone output, which in turn can cause imbalances in hormonal function and affect fertility. Heres how.

The Medulla portion of the glands, produce hormones called epinephrine and norepinephrine, these are primarily for the purpose of crisis situations. The Cortex portion of the adrenals assist the testes and ovaries by producing sex hormones, and a master hormone called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), which is a sterioid hormone and a precursor to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. In her article about DHEA, OB/GYN, Marcelle Pick states that when DHEA levels are low, we won’t have adequate endocrine function. Without sound endocrine function we can pretty much count on our fertility becoming affected in some way, and if we are hoping to conceive, we will want to avoid that. So, if chronic stress is something we’re living everyday, we must take steps to improve that situation especially if we are trying to conceive.

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There are a couple ways to go at combating stress and its affect on our adrenals. First, we need lots of whole food. If we are battling the rigors of stress daily, plus eating all the wrong things, we are compounding our problems. Whole food has the most digestible nutrients, because of its enzyme content, and our bodies were meant for it. Fresh raw vegtable and fruit juices are incredibly healing and powerful, and a good way to quickly get everything our bodies need in one easy sweep. Its something I highly recommend when trying to recuperate the adrenals.

Supplementing a couple times daily with a good B-complex is also helpful in repairing the damage from chronic stress. As you heal from the effects of stress you’ll be fine to cut back to once daily. A moderate dose is fine for this. Vitamin C is also very helpful to the adrenals. I usually suggest buying a good 500 mg. chewable and having one every four hours or so while awake. Thats a good way to keep a constant flow of it all day for maximum reparation.

Exercise. Without it combating stress will be ineffective. A good aerobic routine of some sort is probably the best way to go when trying to work off stress. At least 30 minutes daily. After a good work out you will be able to feel the positive affects on your mood and well being, and will be better able to cope with all that life throws at you..

It also helps to modify your life as much as possible, and make changes where they are needed. If someone or something causes alot of tension and stress, try to minimize that person or activity in your life if you can. If your taking on too many responsibilities, cut back a bit. Whatever decisions you need to make to decrease your stress level, do them. It will be worth it.

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To summarize, good adrenal function is very important for proper endocrine function and fertility, as well as aiding us in the ability to cope with the business of everyday living. If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, the difference you’ll feel with improved function will be invaluable, and you’ll wonder how you went along in life feeling as awful as you did. I should probably mention that everything suggested here pertains to both men and women. Adrenal exhaustion has a negative affect on mens fertility as well, and the suggestions above will be helpful to men and women alike.