Improve High Blood Pressure by Maximizing Kidney Function

High blood pressure afflicts many in our modern day society. It your over 40 it seems theres more of a chance than not that you will be touched by this condition. Many times it is a result of the heart disease process. As the arteries become plaqued with fat and cholesterol the blood that moves through these arteries has less room to flow, resulting in increased blood pressure. However if heart disease is not the issue, there are reasons for elevated blood pressure other than this. Reasons like kidney congestion. We get congested kidneys from living a life of making poor food choices and having contact with environmental toxins. The kidneys are another resource our bodies have of doing more detoxification. After years upon years of toxin running rampant through these awesome organs, they become sluggish, just as the liver does and as a result we will experience high blood pressure.

One problem that can result from this downward spiral is an inefficiency with elimination of water and therefore urine. When this process begins to occur we may notice some swelling in various parts of our bodies such as our fingers and ankles and calves. If the underlying condition of inefficient kidneys goes unaddressed, the process will continue and eventually you may start to see some elevated blood pressures.

Another piece to this puzzle is the adrenal glands that are situated directly on top of each kidney. The adrenal glands help to control blood pressure as well, by a system called the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, as explained in an article on Medicine This system helps to maintain salt balance as well as elasticity of our arteries. With the constant influx of toxin being dumped by the body into the kidneys, over time it is inevitable that the adrenal glands are going to encounter some of the toxins as well, which will leave them as sluggish and inefficient as the kidneys, causing blood pressure to become affected.

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Something I have always found revealing of just what clean kidneys will do for you, is when women would come to my health food store during their pregnancies experiencing some high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia. After they got through those difficulties and went on to have their babies, many of them would do some sort of kidney cleansing before becoming pregnant again. These next pregnancies for many of them were problem free with regard to blood pressure problems. Just a little mopping up will go a long way!

There are some natural ways to clean up your kidneys for more adequate function. They aren’t too difficult and the benefits gained certainly outweigh any inconvenience you may experience. They include:

Juice Fasting- Drinking juiced vegetables of all kinds for a week or so is a very valuable way to regain the health of your kidneys. One really fabulous food to juice for your kidneys is parsley. The components of it bind to things like heavy metals and sweep them out of the kidney tissues. Cilantro is another great addition to this. You can use these foods in conjunction with whatever veggies you find most palatable. You might even find this practice addicting and after feeling the positive effects in your life, you just might find you want to make this a daily routine….who knows?

Watermelon Seed Tea- This is a simple addition to anyones day. All it involves is chopping or grinding a teaspoon of watermelon seeds and boiling some water to let the crushed seeds steep in for 5 minutes or so. Doing this 2-3 times daily will be a big help to your kidney function.

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Eat more Melons- Melons are such a pleasant thing to include in your diet. Including more of them will be very helpful in aiding the cleansing process of your kidneys. You can notice their cleansing ablilities after eating a good dose of them. You’ll find youself urinating more for awhile after you’ve eaten alot of these. Nothing to worry about, just their way of keeping you clean!

Herbal Teas for Cleansing Kidneys- Local health food stores everywhere carry many teas and herbal combination formulas that aid the cleansing of kidneys. Some of the herbs used in these include, marshmallow root, oatstraw, horsetail, dandelion root, parsley, uva ursi and more. There are many of these to choose from. You can ask the staff if there is one that seems to have more favorable results.

Drink More Water- We hear this all the time, but there is good reason for that. The kidneys desperately need plenty of water to function effectively. Not enough water slows things down and stagnates toxins which will maintain kidney sluggishness.

Exercise- Exercising will create sweat. Sweat is another avenue for toxin to be released, so making this a daily routine can only improve kidney function.

Implementing these things in your life will be such a great way to improve the function of your kidneys, and after seeing the results of better blood pressure readings, I’m sure you’ll be pleased enough to do some of these things regularly to maintain adequate kidney function. You won’t be sorry. All you have to lose is poor health!

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