Improve Libido with Diet

With aging, there are many parts of your physical and emotional make up which begins to deteriorate. For many, libido and sexual focus begins to wane as early as mid life. With our forties now classified as the revolutionary thirties, many American consumers are working diligently to resolve issues and concerns, especially those involving loss of sex drive.

For centuries, men and women have utilized food and nutrition as a method of increasing libido. As an aphrodisiac, food has been shown to be a sultry item that can improve sexual desires and experiences simply by the shape and size of the item, to the taste, and even through the health benefits.

For example, foods which contain high levels of nutrients including vitamin E, magnesium, potassium and zinc all improve energy levels. To this, we add the group of vitamin B supplements, such as Niacin, which increase blood flow, especially to the pelvis and genitalia, providing improved health benefits, especially with decreased libido.

So what foods can we specifically use to boost sex drive and promote libido in middle age?

Celery is an excellent food selection for men seeking to improve sex drive. Full of androsterone, celery creates an additional hormonal response in men which may lead to the release of additional phermones, thereby improving sex drive and health. As an added benefit, celery has a “negative” caloric value in that it is believed more calories are burned in the process of chewing and eating celery than found in the celery itself.

In addition to celery, many individuals report the consumption of avocado also stimulates a sort of erotic response. With avocado, men and women alike, report a positive sensation, almost euphoric in nature, when eating this soft and smooth textured fruit. In addition to the sensations of actual consumption, avocado contains a large amount of vitamin E which promotes the health of organs and hormonal balance.

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Additionally, to promote stimulation and circulation during sexual intercourse, consuming certain foods may be the key. Typically, foods which are high in spice content, such a cayenne pepper or white onions, provide for a boost in circulation which, in turn, may promote a more excitatory response during sex. Added to cayenne pepper and white onions, we can consume mustard which also shows stimulation of the circulatory system and even promotes the secretion levels of the sex glands.

And what about the morning after? Sex experts, when offering nutritional advice, commonly recommend a good consumption of almonds. Full of magnesium, vitamin E, calcium and zinc, the almond works to replenish depleted hormones and also promotes the health and vitality of the sex organs as well.

As with any aging process, losing libido can lead to complex emotional and physical complications. When considering nutrition, diet and vitamin supplements, take into consideration those items which help to promote libido, health and improve overall sexual experiences into mid-life.