Jessica Alba’s 16 Top Movies

Jessica Alba is a fan favorite. She is the girl next door type with sex appeal. Here are some of Jessica Alba’s favorite movies.

1. “Good Luck Chuck” – Charlie has a curse that once a woman sleeps with him, she will find the man of her dreams right after.

2. “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” – The Fantastic Four is back to battle the Silver Surfer and an even greater foe.

3. “Sin City” – A movie based on the comic about thugs, law enforcement, and corruption.

4. “Fantastic Four” – 4 astronauts suddenly find they have super powers after a mission in space.

5. “Valentine’s Day”

6. “Into the Blue” – 2 divers find themselves in trouble with a drug lord when they find an airplane that had sunk.

7. “Meet Bill” – Bill is an unhappy. His in a job that he’s unhappy with, he’s developed a gut, and his wife is cheating on him.

8. “Honey” – Honey is a dance choreographer who is pressured to sleep with her mentor or get blacklisted from the industry.

9. “Little Fockers” – The Fockers are back and Jack is searching for someone to take over in his footsteps.

10. “Awake” – A man who had heart surgery awakes but is paralyzed and unable to communicate with his doctors.

11. “The Killer Inside Me” – A sheriff in an oil town is responsible for murder.

12. “The Eye” – A woman who has eye surgery is able to see into the super natural world.

13. “Machete” – An ex-Federale is betrayed by the organization who hired him and he is out for revenge.

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14. “The Ten” – Ten stories that each represent one of the 10 commandments.

15. “The Love Guru” – Pitka is an American who was raised outside the country. He comes back to break into the self- help business.

16. “Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World” – (currently in production)