Julia Roberts’ 25 Best Movies

Julia Roberts has been one of the most popular actresses in the last couple decades. Here is a list of some of Julia Roberts’ best movies of all time.

1. “Pretty Woman” – A prostitute gives a businessman directions and ends up spending the week with him while at the same time get closer with one another.

2. “Erin Brockovich” – A single mom becomes a legal assistant and helps to bring down a California power company.

3. “My Best Friend’s Wedding” – A girl gets invited to her best friend’s wedding. The problem is that she is still in love with him.

4. “America’s Sweethearts” – 2 popular movie stars split from their relationship and they are trying to keep it all together to help their new movie.

5. “Notting Hill” – A bookstore owner’s life changes when a movie star slips into his shop.

6. “The Pelican Brief” – A law student uncovers a conspiracy which puts her in danger.

7. “Conspiracy Theory” – A man looks for conspiracies everywhere, and then eventually finds one.

8. “Steel Magnolias” – A story about family and friends in modern day Louisiana.

9. “Ocean’s Eleven” series -A group of specialized people pull off the biggest heist by stealing from 3 casinos in one night.

10. “Valentine’s Day” – A inter related group of couples and singles in L.A. during Valentine’s Day.

11. “Runaway Bride” – A reporter has an assignment about a bride who leaves her fianc├ęs at the altar.

12. “Stepmom” – An ill mother deals with their kid’s new stepmom.

13. “Closer” -The relationship of 2 couples get in trouble when the man from 1 starts seeing the woman from the other.

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14. “The Mexican” – A man tries to carry a cursed gun across the border.

15. “Charlie Wilson’s War” – A story about Congressman Charlie Wilson and his dealings in Afghanistan.

16. “Something to Talk About” -A woman finds out that her husband has been with another woman.

17. “Eat, Pray, Love” – A married woman is unhappy with her life and needs to make a change.

18. “Charlotte’s Web” – Based on the children’s book, a pig on a farm becomes friends with a spider.

19. “Dying Young” – After boyfriend difficulties, Hilary wants a new start in life. She becomes a nurse for a dying man and falls in love.

20. “Duplicity” -A couple of spies with a past team up to pull off a con.

21. “I Love Trouble” – 2 competing reporters team up and become romantically involved.

22. “Sleeping with the Enemy” – A woman tries to escape her marriage by faking her death, and after some time her husband finds out.

23. “Hook” – Peter Pan returns to Neverland to rescue his children from Captain Hook,

24. “Flatliners”Medical students are able to bring themselves to near death.

25. “Larry Crowne” – (currently in production)