Kayak Trip to Your Best Camping Experience

Family camping sites are convenient, comfortable and most of the time offer beautiful scenery and nature. However, in my opinion, leaving your car at a parking, getting into a nice recreational kayak or canoe and paddling to a campsite on a distant island can lead to a totally different experience.

My first camping was one of the most life changing and amazing experiences in my life. I went camping with my friends. As most young adults we lived in the moment and spontaneously decided to go camping on Canada Day long weekend. Sure enough, several days before the holiday all the closest sites in Algonquin Park were already booked (probably in the early spring). My friends booked a site and promised a short trip on the lake to the best camping site.

Ten years later I still remember it as if it happened yesterday: the beauty of the sun sparkling in the blue water of the lakes, gorgeous green shores with tall trees, little houses far away from the kayak. And also -portaging the kayaks, carrying all the bags, the boats, the paddles; then another portage, and another, and paddling, paddling, paddling… The short trip took us five hours. But we never complained! It was such a great kayaking trip that I was glad it took us so long.

The reward? We reached a beautiful lake with just three camping sites, and we were the only ones to reach that far that weekend. True, there were no washroom, no water, and no electricity. Our car was parked five hours of paddling away. There was no reception and thus no cell phones. Oh, yes, and my back hurt the next day. But I did not even think about all that. The untouched nature, the serenity of the peaceful lake, lots of sun, and some serious exercise were just some of the benefits of the trip.

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There were no cars parked around like in a family camping, no people screaming or talking. Well, no people at all. This is the kind of experience that allows you to truly connect to nature while bringing the survivor in you to action. With the possibility of bears (and in my opinion, any imaginable an unimaginable creature) hiding in the darkness, this experience can be quite extreme. At least for me it was extreme enough.

So, a kayak camping trip guarantees some good exercise, quality nature exploring, some peaceful time and relaxation. And paddling to a virgin island can be really romantic. Of course, if camping is your idea of fun.

However, planning is very important for such a trip. You want to make sure to pack everything you need for the stay. But not everything that comes to mind, since you are carrying the load especially if portaging. And also, it is nice to have a good recreational kayak and required gear. For help with that you can check http://www.kayakquest.com.

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