Keanu Reeves’ 12 Best Movies

Are you a Keanu Reeves fan? Do you know all of his movies? Here’s a list of 12 of Keanu Reeves‘ best movies.

1. “The Matrix” -The Matrix was a great movie that surprised us all when we found out that most of the humans were living in a made up world. By far this is Keanu’s best movie in which it has really increased his fan base.

2. “Speed” – The constant action from the Elevator at the beginning, to the Bus, then the subway car kept us all involved until the end.

3. “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” – A fun movie about 2 misfits that are destined for greatness.

4. “The Matrix Reloaded” – The sequel that did a great job of continuing the story of Neo and his battle with John Smith and the machines.

5. “The Replacements” – The players of the professional football league decided to go on strike so replacement players are brought in to play.

6. “Point Break” – An undercover agent is brought in to investigate a string of robberies from a group known as the “Former Presidents. This movie helped to change our opinion of him and allowed us to see him as an action star.

7. “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey” -A continuation of Bill and Ted’s journey which take them to the underworld where they have to battle death in order to come back to the real world.

8. “Parenthood” – He played the boyfriend of Julie in the movie.

9. “Constantine” – A man trying to battle demons in order to win himself a place in heaven.

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10. “The Devil’s Advocate” – An undefeated lawyer finds out that he is the son of the devil.

11. “The Matrix Revolutions” – The final saga in a great series with lots of action and excitement.

12. “Dracula” – Plays Jonathan who is trying to rescue his bride Mina from Dracula who has influenced her.