Landscaping to Sell Your Home

Whether to invest in landscaping before you sell your home is a difficult question. You don’t want to throw money down the drain if the new owners are just going to rip out what you’ve planted, but you also want to attract buyers with an attractive yard. Then you wonder, will it even make a difference? Will I get the same number of offers whether I landscape or not?

Consider this: if you were to meet someone to whom you were attracted, would you dress up? Wouldn’t you present yourself in the best possible light?

Of course landscaping matters.

The way you can best stretch your dollar and still invest in landscaping is as follows:

1. Create focal points – perhaps there are other areas of the yard that should be landscaped, but they aren’t as obvious because we’ve created another pleasing area to look at. It may simply be a bird bath with rocks and flowers at it’s feet, or some hostas encircling a tree.

2. “Bang” the front door area with plantings to give a good first impression. The front door area is probably the number one best area for a focal point simply because every buyer comes through the front door. Make that area attractive and you will have the buyer interested before they’ve crossed the threshold.

3. If you’re planting flowers, keep in mind that annuals bloom all summer while perennials bloom for a shorter period but come back every year. Annuals are usually your better bet.

4. Good use of potted plants can create atmosphere, and the pots can come with you when you leave! Tip: Treat yourself to some pretty pots you think you’ll like for your new home.

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5.Always watch the overall cost. It is very easy to get carried away. Remember, if you had wanted these plants you would have planted them when you wanted to live in this house. So don’t dress the place up like a doll in new clothes.

Sometimes, instead of plantings, your money is better spent hiring a lawn service. If you’re not the type to keep your lawn up, or if you expect to be particularly busy, hiring a lawn service while your home is on the market can be a sound investment. A well manicured lawn gives a potential buyer a good first impression, and having your lawn care taken care of is one less thing off your plate during this busy time.

The question then becomes, what kind of plantings are best? The answer varies depending on your area and your yard. Some shady areas cry out for a fluff of impatiens while a grouping of knockout roses can make a colorful statement. Shrubbery can look often look tailored even when undersized. Home improvement stores give frequently discounts on the prices of their plants, roses, and other shrubbery. Watch their weekly ads for details, but also check their stores. Sometimes an individual store will have just what you need on clearance.

However, the best plant is the one you can keep alive. The more you plant, the more you will have to keep watered and possibly weeded. Therefore, keep the plantings to a minimum and concentrate on only doing as much as you think you can maintain effectively. It is much better to have no plants at all than dead ones!