Lil’ Wayne’s Top 10 Songs

10.(2 Tied) Boom From Da Drought 3 Mixtape(Rap Over Zoom by: Yung Joc and Lil’ Boosie) / Fireman

These two are tied because they are both songs that are Wayne’s par but, are good enough to be included in his top 10. His word play in Boom talks about his guns that he feels he needs to get through his life due to his tough upbringing in New Orleans. My 2 best friends will accompany me/ and right now they are in my dungarees sleep/ one named mack one named Nina/ they hit you make u do the Macarena./

Fireman is a song about Weezy’s days as a drug dealer from the Hollygrove projects. The songs also talks about the fire, his words that he will shut any other rapper down with his freestyling ability. I see she wearing them jeans that show her butt crack/ my girls can’t wear that/(why) thats where my stash at./

9.Gossip From Tha Carter III: The Leak

Gossip a song that leaked from his new album going to be released on March 18, 2008 took the internet by storm. Wayne raps about his ability to rap, that doesn’t compare to anyone out there today. My flow is rare/ these others rappers nice/ these other rappers bark/ some even bite but im much more bright /i give the game life./

8.Hustler’s Muzik From Tha Carter II

Huster’s Muzik is a song that describes how hard it is to make a life out on the streets. He explains that if hes making money then hes not going to change what hes doing. He talks about making money on the street and how everything is against you. Money is the motivation/ facing the avenue/ back against the wall./

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7.That’s My DJ From Tha Carter

From Wayne’s first album that was released in the mainstream of hip-hop on Cash Money Records. Wayne works with Mannie Fresh to create a song that as a young Wayne is more for the club then for his great word play. A great song with great beat from Mannie.

6.One Night Only

A Song about women Wayne meets while on the road. It talks about how women give up everything just to spend one night with, as he calls himself, “the greatest rapper alive.” He says the women would give up anything to spend one night with him and he can make them want one night more for the rest of their lives.

5.Weezy’s Ambitions (Freestyle over Ambitions Az A Ridah by: Tupac)

A song about how Wayne hustles through his life. He rhymes about his drug use, liquor use and his hometown. Wanna Battle I’ll beat cha/ I’m a Beast/ I’m A Creature/

4.Something You Forgot

A song about Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife, the one who had his daughter. He wishes that he had another chance but, she won’t give him another chance because she has moved on and found someone better. He tells her that she forgot something…him. Cuz we from New Orleans/ you was from Georgia/ she was my dawn chick/ I was her soldier/ I was her gangster/ She was my shoulder/ You were the pistol to my holster (bang)

3.We Takin’ Over (With DJ Khaled)

Lil’ Wayne raps last on this track and for one reason, to show that he is the best. With all the great rappers that are on this track Lil’ Wayne tears them up with only a couple of lines. I am the beast/ feed me rappers or feed me beats./…. The best line in the whole song.

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2.Stilletos (Knuck If You Buck Freestyle) One with cash money

Lil’ Wayne raps about how no one is is great as him. One of the best raps I have ever heard with every word flowing from each other.Challenge me/ that’d be to my advantage /I’m outstandin’ like standin’ outside /Up in the twister and walkin’ out Not damaged/ Standin’ outside up in the blizzard /And walkin’ hot handed Servin’ nickel bags in Iraq/ Bet I will not panic………..Best Rap I ever heard.

1. Sky Is The Limit (Raps Over Mr. Jones by: Mike Jones)
Lil’ Wayne gives his life story telling everyone is that the sky is the limit if you work hard and stay on the grind. He says he will never lose his true place in life and will always be a gangster. And I’m a G/ and you ain’t gotta know the alphabet to C/ I know my whole city is depending on me/ and I forget a lot of shit /But I cannot forget the streets……….Knows where he comes from and won’t change