May 30: Holidays and Celebrations Today

Happy May 30th!

May 30th is a special holiday. In fact, every day’s a holiday for someone and for some reason.

Although we may not know the origins of many of these holidays, avid celebrants will participate eagerly in marking May 30th as a most special day for so many different reasons.

Here are several of the most popular May 30th holidays (arranged alphabetically):

Brassiere Day

Legend has it that the first woman’s brassiere appeared on May 30, 1889 (or possibly 1912), invented by an Otto Titzling and his business partner, Hans Delving. Supposedly, Titzling and Delving produced the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder for a certain well-endowed Swedish swimmer named Lois Lung.

Staying abreast of women’s lingerie fashions, Titzling apparently filed suit against a French designer, Phillipe de Brassiere, in the 1930s, but Brassiere won in court.

The story probably began with a 1971 book, Bust Up: The Uplifting Tale of Otto Titzling, by Wallace Reyburn. Historians have uncovered corsets and other feminine support devices that long precede the modern-day brassiere.

Regardless of the history, which seems to have been padded somewhat, May 30th has become Brassiere Day. This strappy and snappy holiday offers women a reminder to obtain personalized measurements, shop for new brassieres with their best bosom buddies and otherwise celebrate ladies’ lingerie fashions.

As for men, this is one more opportunity to be supportive.

In addition, a few men might take notice of a February 23, 1995, episode of the Seinfeld sitcom on television. In this episode, “The Doorman,” Cosmo Kramer (played by Michael Richards) develops “The Bro,” a bra-like garment for men. It’s a hoot.

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Will the man-bra ever make the market? If it does, why not on May 30th, Brassiere Day?

Frozen Ice Cream Day

The first ice cream freezer was patented by William G. Young on May 30, 1848. Frozen Ice Cream Day honors this occasion, as folks enjoy popsicles, ice cream bars, sherbet and large scoops of their favorite ice cream flavors.

Heirloom Seed Day

May 30th is Heirloom Seed Day. Green thumbs, get ready!

What are heirloom seeds? These are seeds that carry a history, a legacy and a lore. History-loving gardeners may have preserved clippings, cultivars or seeds from certain plants for many generations.

Want to grow roses from the original White House Rose Garden? How about vegetables from Valley Forge, mushrooms from Montecello, wild violets from Williamsburg, miniature daisies from Mount Vernon or cucumbers from Camp David? Heirloom planting is the answer.

During World War I and World War II, Americans planted Victory Gardens to grow their own produce and keep food costs down. This patriotic endeavor was both practical and purposeful. Why not try this again, particularly on Heirloom Seed Day, May 30th?

Water a Flower Day

In most of the Northern Hemisphere, the middle of May signals the beginning of the spring planting season. By the end of the month, those lovely flowers certainly need a good soaking. April showers have ended, and those May flowers are thirsty.

On May 30th, Water a Flower Day, it’s time to give the garden a solid sprinkling. Grab a watering can, and offer those potted plants a drink.

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Stiff Drink Day

On May 30, 1942, Hollywood film star Errol Flynn entered his home after a night on the town and found the corpse of costar John Barrymore sitting in a chair. Apparently, friends of the two had bribed the funeral director to loan them Barrymore’s body as a prank.

May 30th has been known as Stiff Drink Day, for fairly obvious reasons.

Special Saints Days (Various)

The Calendar of the Saints lists the following for May 30th: Anastasius II of Pavia, Anastasius XV, Andrew Franchi, Basil the Elder, Crispulus, Eleutherius, Emmelia, Exuperantius of Ravenna, Felix I (Pope), Ferdinand III of Castille, Gabinus, Gamo, Hubert of Bretigny, Issac of Constantinople, James Bertoni, Joan of Arc, Joseph Marello, Lawrence Richardson, Luke Kirby, Madelgisilus, Marie-Céline of the Presentation, Maurus Scott, Otto Neururer, Palatinus, Reinhildis of Riesenbeck, Richard Newport, Sycus, Thomas Cottam, Venantius of Lérins, Walstan of Bawburgh, William Exmew, William Filby, William Scott and Zdislava of Lemberk.

Notable Anniversaries on May 30th

Joan of Arc was martyred by burning at the stake (on charges of heresy) in Rouen, France, on May 30, 1431. She was 19 years old when she died. In May 1920, Pope Benedict XV canonized Joan of Arc.

Benjamin Towner published the first American daily newspaper, The Pennsylvania Evening Post, on May 30, 1783.

The U.S. territories of Kansas and Nebraska were created on May 30, 1854.

The first automobile accident occurred on May 30, 1896, in New York City. Driver Henry Wells struck Evylyn Thomas, a bicyclist, with his car, breaking her leg and knocking her unconscious. Wells was jailed. Thomas was hospitalized, but she survived the crash.

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The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., was dedicated on May 30, 1922.

Various Other May 30th Holidays

May 30th is also Canary Islands Day (Spain) Croatia National Day, El Dia del Arbol (Honduras), Fairies’ This Day (Fairy), Feast Day of St. Joan of Arc, Harvest Festival (Malaysia), Hug Your Cats Day, Indian Arrival Day (Trinidad and Tobago), Loomis Day, Mint Julep Day, My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It Day, Norse Queen of Heaven/Frigg’s Day, Mother’s Day (Nicaragua), Reconciliation Week (Australia) and Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal (Australia).

Happy May 30th to one and all!

Other Notable Holidays:

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