My Top 10 Eros Ramazzotti Songs

I’ve been a fan of Italian pop singer Eros Ramazzotti for about six years now; I discovered his music whilst living back in Europe briefly a few years ago and was given a CD of his music for my birthday. I had never heard of him before and could not understand the lyrics of his songs as he records in Italian and Spanish and I speak neither but something moved me about his music; the beautiful melodies captivated me and I became curious to hear more. I since have heard or acquired most of his albums and prefer to listen to them in his native tongue, this is just a personal preference as I love all things Italian! I’ve enjoyed his music enough to translate the lyrics of each song to English and have been impressed also by the lyrics as they are usually highly autobiographical, honest, heartfelt and very moving. Here are my top ten favorite songs, in no particular order.

1.Stella Gemella ~ Twin Star (1996) ~ From the album Dove c’e Musica. I love that this song feels so timeless; the rhythm and beat are very catchy and the lyrics tell of someone looking for love, which is a topic that we can all relate to at sometime in our life.

2. Cosa Della Vita ~ Things of Life (1993) ~ This song has had several incarnations, including a famous duet version with Tina Turner. My favorite version though is the most current one, found on the E2 album, Eros has a unique and amazing voice and showcases it beautifully here.

3. Se Bastasse Una Canzone ~ If a Song Sufficed (1988) From the album In Ogno Senso.This song has the most beautiful lyrics that truly speak to my heart and are very moving. It is a very inspirational song and it’s songs like this one that have inspired me to learn to speak Italian to truly understanding the full meaning of these songs in their own language.

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4. Piu’ Bella Cosa ~ Something More Beautiful (1996) ~ From the album Dove c’e Musica is a very romantic song, dedicated to a once true love, by singing of her beauty and uniqueness. My favorite line is the lyric that ‘thanks her for existing’. Too romantic for words!

5. Musica e’ ~ Music is (1988) ~ From the same titled album, this song is a very sophisticated and relaxing sweeping song that goes on forever….thankfully. It is very beautifully melodic song and one of Eros’ signature pieces. This song was rerecorded again later with Andrea Bocelli, another great singer that I love but I still prefer by far the solo version.

6. Terra Promessa ~ Promised Earth (1984) ~ Another outstanding song that is an Eros signature tune and one again that has been rerecorded in several different forms over the years. My favorite being the newest version again, on the E2 album. I particularly enjoy whenever I hear the live version of this song. I have the Eros Roma Live DVD and this song is spectacular live. Sends chills down my spine!

7. Per Me Per Sempre ~ For me always ( 2001) ~ From the album Stilelibero, this is the ultimate, romantic sentimental song with a laid back melody and a perfect example of Eros’ smooth vocals. I love it because it’s a simple but very effective song and I play it often.

8. Un’Emozione Per Sempre ~ An everlasting emotion ( 2003) ~ From the album 9, which many consider his best album to date and I have to agree, it probably is. This song is a very upbeat, happy song with a very catchy tune, one I can’t help but sing along to.

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9. Solo Ieri ~ Only yesterday (2004) ~ This song is also from the album 9 and is a very beautiful but very sad ballad of lost love. This song again is autobiographal and comes from Eros’ personal experience of losing the love of someone close. A very, touching and emotionally charged song that is always at the top of my playlist.

10. Parla Con Me ~ Talk With Me (2009) ~ This song is very newly released and will appear on the newest album coming soon called Ali e Radici. As soon as I heard this song, it became one of my favorites, I didn’t need to hear it a few times to warm up to it, I loved it on first hearing and it jumped right into my top 10 favorites. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the new album, if this first one is anything to go by, it should be fantastic. Like un’emozione per sempre, it has a catchy upbeat tune that instantly draws you in, what’s not to love?

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